NOKIA 7.1 PLUS UNBOXING – Super Premium!

Nokia 7.1 Plus Unboxing in Hindi

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This is the Nokia X7 unboxing in Hindi. Nokia 7.1 plus price in india will be around 20 thousand. Let’s be honest here Nokia 6.1 plus was very popular in india and now its successor Nokia 7.1 plus is about to come. Nokia 7.1 plus launch date in india will be 28 Nov. So, If it’s true then I think this device will get great hype in india.

Nokia 7.1 Plus Specifications
Snapdragon 710
4/6/8 GB RAM
128GB storage
12+13 MP rear camera
3700 mah battery

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43 Replies to “NOKIA 7.1 PLUS UNBOXING – Super Premium!”

  1. Tech Box

    अनबॉक्सिंग अच्छी है बस तेरे से अच्छा मैंने अनबॉक्सिंग किया है NOKIA 7.1

  2. Kunal singh

    excuse me bro..plz listen i am confusing b/w processor of this say it have snapdragon 710 but when i checked on Amazon and flikart there is snapdragon 630 so what is this?

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