Nokia 7.1 Review | An HDR-Ready 7 Plus?

We review the Nokia 7.1, the latest Android One smartphone from the Nokia brand – a mid-range mobile packing HDR visuals, and a few surprises.

The Nokia 7 Plus is still a great mid-range mobile and now we have the Nokia 7.1, which you’d think would be an upgrade over that older 7 Plus model. But strangely a lot of the specs have actually taken a step backwards – although impressively, the Nokia 7.1 does boast an HDR-ready screen, for a £300 UK price.

So is the Nokia 7.1 worth getting over the older handset? Here’s my full review, and you can check out our camera feature for a run-down of the photo and video quality.

For an in-depth look at the Android One interface and features, head over to our Nokia 7.1 unboxing. And subscribe for more reviews of the latest mobile tech!

38 Replies to “Nokia 7.1 Review | An HDR-Ready 7 Plus?”

  1. Shobhit Varma

    Watching from a Nokia 7.1 and the performance is actually quite good. Day to day use is handled with aplomb and UI animations are butter smooth. Sure, some apps do take some time to load but the performance is not even close to being as bad as what is described in the video. My handset is running Pie so software updates might have solved some issues.

  2. Kevin Burke

    I got mine with Pie update during setup, and the performance has been quite good, much better than I was expecting after reading the reviews. I've played PUBG (some stuttering/lag, but definitely playable) and Shadowgun Legends (buttery smooth on my device), and in normal day-to-day operation I'm not seeing any stuttering. I'm also not seeing of the other issues reported by initial Pie users, like camera noise or wifi issues. Maybe I got lucky, or more likely Pie fixed a lot of the device's early issues.

  3. bunny gd

    Hello brother !! I think u have got the wrong phone. Because if u saw all the Indian and Bangladeshi Videos on the review of " nokia x7/7.1" phone u will clearly understand that here is a big difference between ur phone and their phone . Mainly the "NOTCH". help us out .

  4. Eyow Balita

    I don't know. But I would rather pick this over the 7 plus. Meh, I just fell in love with it bwahaha. The camera, the screen and the average processor (once again, I don't know but I'm not power-hungry). And the design, sooo me.

  5. Trekker G

    I had to return mine after one day, the processor was just to slow for what I was doing. There was a lot of lagging and stuttering. Other than those issues it is a great phone for the price, just remember to consider the applications your going to run before you decide to purchase. Other than that I would have kept it.

  6. AZtech

    watching on my 7 plus, amazing phone. go for it (and install pixel cam on first day, take your time finding the correct version cuz there are some shitty versions out there).

  7. Sherman Munn

    You are absolutely not a wuss, you are the very best! Your sleepy cat loves and appreciates you…I’m quite sure. ? Great review as always Chris!!! ❤️

  8. duncdawg 26

    Did the 7.1 have more lag than the moto z3 play or the honor 8x? Here in the states, we never got the 7 plus. Could you do a comparison to one or both of the aforementioned phones with the same or comparable chipsets?

  9. Micah Gilbert Cubing

    Writing this from a Nokia 7.1. The performance is not as bad as he described (I have the 4g 64g version.) There are some stutters, but I'm confident that it will be fixed in software updates

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