Nokia 7.1 Review: Not Your Father's Nokia

Read the full review: | Buy from Amazon: | The Nokia 7.1 is yet another mid-range device from HMD Global that sports a rock-solid design, Android One, and an affordable price tag. But is this another hit like the 7 Plus? Or has the mid-range just become too competitive?

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32 Replies to “Nokia 7.1 Review: Not Your Father's Nokia”

  1. Turf Surf

    Honor's battery only lasts about 2 years, you need to buy a new one after that which sucks for someone who buys unlocked out right. If you are with a company that can give you free grades or monthly lease, then this doesn't really matter.

  2. Matador Batista

    What do you mean Not your father's Nokia,Nokia 3310 isn't that old and it was my first phone,in that time it was like if you bought an IPhone before there was an IPhone

  3. Shenkosky

    Got this for my wife and was setting it up and watching this video on my iPhone X and my X OLED Screen is not nearly as crisp and vivid as this LED Screen? So I pulled my 6plus out of moth balls and charged it up sure enough that was way crisper and more vivid than this OLED Screen. I’m thinking marketing companies want you to think OLED is better because of the off set viewing angles but who looks at the screen on a massive slant? Nobody does and this feels honesty new and makes my X feel dated in comparison as my screen is wider and shorter this is a better size in the hand not sure how they do this for the price! We just use the phones as phones and both have tablets and so do the kids so we don’t game just web surfing, social networking, email and text in this usage case I do not notice any slow downs at all but out of the box Android did a 1.3gb update to the new OS so this may have fixed all those bugs I am hearing about in the reviews as Stock Android is actually something most users would pay a premium for and the other Nokia that now cost less is very dated in fit and finish and OS I played with them both and this screen to body ratio is far better as it’s smaller yet still larger screen that her old Samsung that was a giant phone with giant bezels. Great job if Nokia stays in this path they will win loads of users on these over priced phones over. I’m actually jealous as it’s an exciting OS experience and Apple of late if mundane and boringly predictable and the X locks up often and this is my second one as these issue happen to tons of Apple users and we are told it’s our apps so we erase everything and do not restore from backup to find a faster phone that works properly but has nothing loaded on it. After spending a month re-adding all my apps I need it’s right back to slower than dog crap performance again? Then I transferred all her apps almost 30gb of data and everything just works all fine no fuss. Stock Android is starting to pull away from Apple now and I’m serious tied into apple and can’t leave or I lose all the cohesion between watch – phone – iPad Pro – iMac Pro and my iMac with all that said had I not dove so deep I would reconsider the other options now as they are far better than they had been just a few years back when the X had no real rivals but now it’s over hyped and I did not upgrade because the new XS is barely any different an is actually thicker than the X to the point that you feel the added bulk an weight??? Why is apple going backwards they need to seriously consider the next move in the chest game or they may make a move that pins them down to watch Android speed away as fast as Blackberry and Windows phones disappear in the past.

  4. p!tou

    Never buy this phone. Very bad wifi, two other smartphones (one older and one flagship) get +50mbps, my Nokia 7.1 hardly gets 5mbps.

    Another wifi issue: if you engage airplane mode (eg when u go to bed) you are no longer able to connect to you wifi (connected but no internet).

    On top of all the touchscreen is no longer reacting after inserting the pincode. Recovery-mode is not working (boot menu – no command).

  5. epic gamer

    Why does everyone compare Nokia to Motorola and honor you get a Nokia for the good software updats and yeah there's more powerful stuff like Poco f1 but Nokia has better software in my opinion

  6. Freddie1980

    USB type C and Android 1 are for me killer features, the honour looks good and I'm sure it performs well but I don't trust Chinese manufacturers to provide timely updates for thier phones.

  7. kumbaga

    I loathe the huawei self portraits. It's always auto filter even when you turn it off. Everyone who knows you personally know that ain't your face

  8. abrahamp

    I really loved that the blocky design from the 6-series got shifted to the 7 series, and the two-tone frame design from the 7 plus series got shifted to the 8 series, as it simplifies the naming scheme and the design languages for each series

  9. SuperSix Delta

    I have a new Nokia 7.1 and an HTC U11. The HTC has much higher specs, however in day to day use there's no noticable difference in the performance of each phone. That's using maps, social media and emails going all day.
    The Nokia is a really good phone. I think the days of these $900.00 flag ship phones are numbered.

  10. Trekker G

    I had to return mine after one day, the processor was just to slow for what I was doing. There was a lot of lagging and stuttering. Other than those issues it is a great phone for price, just remember to consider the applications your going to run before you decide to purchase. Other than that I would have kept it.

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