Nokia 7.1 review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Nokia 7.1’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.
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46 Replies to “Nokia 7.1 review”

  1. Darth Awar

    1. Any modern Qualcomm SoC over the 630 is great you sacrifice a little speed for better battery life but it's not that much of a sacrifice for the 30 to 40 percent better battery life!
    2. Why does everyone talk about the OS/UI but never mention the ones on the phones like OPPO, Huawei/Honor, Pocophone/Xoami which are often sluggish (get few if any OS updates!) and made to look and feel like iOS yes some of these phones you can Root but to me that is something few people do and is better suited to older phones to give them a longer life a new phone should never have to be rooted to get it to work well!
    3. Flagships all need at least 6Gb to 8GB of RAM these days and Mid-range phones over 350 need at least 4 GB to 6GB of RAM!!!
    4. Google/Android still needs to do a much better job of RAM Management it's one of the few things iOS does better then Android as much as it pains me to say it!!!

  2. Matt Dickey

    I have 7.1 and regret buying every day. When in call my face presses buttons. It is known issue and can't get fixed. Nokia support said "wait for update and hopefully it fixes the issue". Battery drain issues too.

  3. Yoeri M

    how about the screen ? have a 6.1 and screen runs so hot one can bake eggs on it , screen gets dark and with stripes and since couple of days it is totaly unresponsive ( as are the customer services )

  4. Save Indian People

    Nokia 7.1 mobile is a manufactured defective device.

    1) Nokia 7.1 mobile Charging issue.

    2) The Mobile keep restarting during charging issue Nokia mobile developed by HMDGlobal.

    3) HMDGlobal, Nokia denied to provide the replacement while their online shopping policy is 10 days replacement. Yet HMDGlobal Management and Nokia Management denied for replacement or refund.

    Beware before purchasing it, specially directly from online shopping website of Nokia.

  5. EJ Petewon

    Yo Nokia, can you make another one with at least 2.5 Ghz CPU instead of 1.8? Also, improve the Low Light Camera quality and please, install Removable batteries! Another thing, please make Themes like Samsung does on some of their phones, so I can change my themes from these Default ones that I just don't like. Kindly enable us the option to remove all pre-installed bloatware easily. When you make that phone, hmu so I can upgrade to that asap. Thanks! Nokia 4 Life!

  6. Kevin Singh

    Nokia needs to improve their low-light camera quality. I've owned a Nokia 6 for almost two years now and that's one of my few complaints. Other than that, I've never loved a phone more!
    Good review too! 🙂

  7. Navid Rafiq

    I am using Nokia 7.1 for a month and really its a great come back from Nokia…In a mid range price, really design is very sexy and elegant…Screen Resolution and camera pictures, videos are superb…Nokia is Back…

  8. Shane Bales

    I suck at all this smartphone stuff so I need some legit opinions from you fine folks. I have a Nokia 7.1 and used it for about a week or so. All bs aside I really like it a lot. However a friend of mine gave me his Pixel 1 Xl as he was upgrading to the 3. Should I use the pixel XL or stick with the Nokia 7.1? Which would you choose (if those were your only choices) and why. I should note that the pixel XL is 32gb of storage, is running pie with no further updates coming save for security patches until October. The Nokia I have is 64 gb of storage, running pie and will be supported for another Android upgrade and security until 2021 I think.

  9. Mrcloc

    I got mine. It's great. Despite what the internet says, I've experienced good battery life. The only thing is that it's incredibly slippery! Like ridiculous! It slides off flat leather for goodness sake. Thankfully it's tough like a nokia should be. Mine fell (by sliding slowly) onto my tiled floor with no issue. Unfortunately some scuff marks on the bezel. So heed the warning.

  10. Ian Lidonde

    i did not expect this phone to hang less than a week after purchase, it now leaves me in a state of helplessness since its battery is not detachable, i just keep staring at the phone hoping that the battery will run out and it will turn off as i battle thoughts of throwing it in the trash bin and accept the fact that i wasted my money.
    fortunately i accessed the nokia website and found useful information on how to reboot the unresponsive phone by pressing the volume up button and power button simultaneously

  11. H A

    The vocabulary and terminology in reviews needs to depend entirely on the price of the phone. Words like "Decent" and "Okay" and "Not bad" are just inaccurate. Flagships of all kind are simply out of the equation for many people. I think reviewers should always compare the features and spec of a phone with its fellow peers. Instead of giving a general overview. That said, thank you for all the lovely content you keep putting out.

  12. p!tou

    Never buy this phone. Very bad wifi, two other smartphones (one older and one flagship) get +50mbps, my Nokia 7.1 hardly gets 5mbps.

    Another wifi issue: if you engage airplane mode (eg when u go to bed) you are no longer able to connect to you wifi (connected but no internet).

    On top of all the touchscreen is no longer reacting after inserting the pincode. Recovery-mode is not working (boot menu – no command).

  13. Tsheringla Tsheringla

    ust a few weeks old i bought a nokia 7.1 and got an security update on 20 jan 2019 , i updated it but it wont restart, the phone gave me an option to try again or do factory reset so when i did the try again phone didnt start normallly, its in download mode

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