Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 7 Plus | Side-by-side comparison

Comparison between the Nokia 7.1 and the older 7 Plus, to see what’s been updated in terms of specs, camera tech and the rest – and surprisingly, the Nokia 7 Plus proves better than the 7.1 in many key areas.

The Nokia 7.1 sports a low £300 asking price in the UK, while the 7 Plus costs £350 – although you can often pick it up for a little less. Nokia’s new phone boasts an HDR-ready display, plus a revamped design to make it even more easy to handle. However, the Nokia 7.1 is beaten by the older model when it comes to speed and battery life, while the Nokia 7 Plus also packs smarter camera chops – including an optical zoom.

You can grab the Nokia 7.1 right now in the UK, but are you tempted by that HDR screen or are you sticking with the 7 Plus? Let us know in the comments below! Come back tomorrow for a full comparison between the Nokia 7.1 and the Motorola One, another Android One smartphone costing under £300.

39 Replies to “Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 7 Plus | Side-by-side comparison”

  1. Sinan

    I wonder if there is a solution for the infamous WiFi issue in N7+ ?! , it start happening after upgrading ( more like downgrading ) to Pie and still not fixed yet including the Feb "Security" patch.

  2. Wadii Elmajdi


    I have the choice between Nokia 7.1 , Nokia 7 plus , Moto G7 , Motorolla ONE and Galaxy S 8 for less than 300€ , which should i choose? Thank you

  3. A YouTuber

    Your SD card comment comes off as ignorant.
    The max spec will be whatever stable/consumer released SD card size is, because it's the same tech for both.
    If SD cards start using SDUC (4TB-128TB) instead of SDXC (which is pretty much anything modern up to 4TB), then we might have a difference, but probably not as it will probably be backwards compatible or software adaptable rather than a different hardware interface.

    And one of the most important things is the size of the aperture for cameras, missing that. Nokia 7 Plus is substantially better in this regard.

  4. TheNekOz

    I went for the 7+ simply because I prefer its design over the 7.1s. I really dislike the notch (that shit can DIE! ) and the glass on the backside (Fucking why!).

  5. bonyerng o-007

    Most of your videos so far I like them, but this One not really. To have a very good video is to have a REAL picture live out door ok. So, we can see the Real things for ALL the phones you Review. Thank

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