Nokia 7 Plus – Almost the Perfect Mid Range SmartPhone

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This handset first featured on the channel way back when we was at MWC 2018. I was behind the camera then and Ian got to do a hands on with the device then. We was impressed with the look and feel of the 7+. Especially when you consider the reasonable pricing of this phone.

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Nokia 7 + on Jerry Rig Everything

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22 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus – Almost the Perfect Mid Range SmartPhone”

  1. Peter Ford

    I think Nokia has done a great job with their midrangers. My biggest thing is I wish they would make use of the larger bezels by placing a sweet set of front facing stereo speakers. Then,,, the phone would be heaven. Especially when they work out the bugs with a few a few updates. Good review, thanks.

  2. Mr Green eyes

    Good video mate I am thinking of getting this from argos wonder how it compares to my old note 4 any better I wonder as that is still a contender tday cheers from Shrewsbury Shropshire ?

  3. Dimitar Tomov

    Great phone, Very bad choice for Size, they made it too lenghty so it can have some nonsense widescreen ratio.
    Have the phone since it came out, I dropped it in the cinema, because it just can't keep in any jeans or trousers pocket. And it's f. summer with 35*C hot weather. Really happy with performance and features, will change it because is dimmensions are very uncomfortable for carrying and going out. Perfect for business phone, 2 days solid use on single battery charge, 30 minutes charge gives about 45% , etc.

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