Nokia 7 Plus Android 9 Pie Beta 4: Major features/changes demo & impressions

Nokia 7 Plus Android 9 Pie Beta 4 hands-on: New features/changes demo & impressions
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44 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus Android 9 Pie Beta 4: Major features/changes demo & impressions”

  1. Tom Cooper

    Why is it that sometimes you swipe up from the bottom it shows frequently used apps at the bottom, but sometimes it shows Google apps?, I don't want to see Googles apps, can someone tell me why it does this please?

  2. Goku wins Always!

    Hii.. found that the flash light in Oreo version is yellow …. Now it seems to have turned white after upgrading to Pie…did I notice wrong or is it correct .. please confirm .

  3. Jamrug

    Finally a matching volume bar in dark theme, I ended up using light wallpapers only because of that white volume bar no matter what on my Nokia 5

  4. Soumojit Basak

    After updating to latest Android Pie beta in my Nokia 7 Plus; Device is not certified is shown in Play Store; also sound is too tiny in video recording… So should I roll back to Oreo?

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