Nokia 7 Plus Gaming Review with Heating test and Battery Drain (Benchmarks)

Nokia 7 Plus is the latest mid-range phone from Nokia and here is the gaming performance review of the device along with heating test and benchmark score along with battery drain.

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36 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus Gaming Review with Heating test and Battery Drain (Benchmarks)”

  1. Muhammad taha khattak

    Bhai aise ph ki front camera se video kafi close ate ha kia update k bad be same hai ya pher ab chnge hogye ha mujhy ph pasnd ha lena ha but front cam ki bani video kafi close face show krta ha wo problem hai kia aise m??

  2. Sergiu Sprintar

    you should run a game, for like 1-2 hours and then check heating.
    its kind of uninformative 20minutes.

    you don't even have to constantly play for 1-2 hours. Just find a game where it can stayed turned on inside the game and do something else in the meanwhile.
    that info would've been a lot better regarding heating issues.

    most phones don't have heating issues after 20-40 minutes of gaming. But they happen later.
    And this affects more than gaming.
    well, lets say you are driving and using gps. Your phone will start heating after a few hours from constant use, similar to gaming.
    So, its kind of important to not be tooo hot.

  3. Umang Lakhani

    I am not a gamer, but have experienced lots of heating of my current phone, especially during summer season for simple day to day tasks on phone. Can you comment on it that will this phone sustain hot summer days and such environment with a cover attached to it.


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