Nokia 7 Plus – Hands On Review

HMD Global is on a roll. The Nokia 7 Plus doesn’t hold any punches, offering superb value for a beautiful design, great build quality, a promise of fast Android updates, and a reliable camera.



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26 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus – Hands On Review”

  1. Brian Morrison

    I was about to buy the Nokia 7+ phone today but sadly the shop didn't have it. Instead they suggested I consider the Nokia 7.1 at £199 or the Huawei P20 Lite at £229.

    I am now checking out specifications.

    I don"t play any serious games, but do general internet browsing, some Youtube watching and light photography..  So which of the two would you consider the better.. H P20 Lite or Nokia 7.1

  2. k n. k.

    Just got my nokia 7+ last week,I like it so much!!! Made the right choice? Battery last long fast chargin and camera is really great ??

  3. Ima Tron

    The Nokia 7 + is on my list of candidates for my next phone. Im aiming to spend 400 USD at the most. My minimum requirements are NFC, 64 GB with expandable memory (or 128 with or without), 4 GB or ram, good camera (doesn't have to be the best but my Nexus4 leaves much to be desired), and USB type C with OTG support so I can plug it into a dock that has USB ports with HDMI, Ethernet, and USB ports, etc. Previously my best candidate was the Essential Phone, but it's camera still gets bad reviews after the patches. Any thoughts on what phone will give me the best features for the cash?

  4. Mikko M. Viljanen

    That ’too near’ bug was already in Lumia 1020 and other Nokias back then. It shows Nokia’s attitude which is not changing. In Nokia N97 there was memory-problem they never fixed. Flagship that never functioned. And now the story goes on: Nokia’s phones would be great, if only they were true.

  5. Peter Ford

    I am pretty impressed with the new nokias. I just wish Nokia would inherit stereo speakers on their devices. I'm a spoiled stereo speaker phone user. Even leaving the bottom firing speaker and adding the earpiece speaker as an second, would be great. I have the Moto x pure and the Alcatel 4s, and the stereo speakers are great for movies,games and videos. A single speaker just don't get it anymore. Come on, Nokia.

  6. Ronbo Fett

    I've had it for 2 months now. It's the best phone I've ever had. 2 day battery for a casual user, heavy user will get a day out of this. Charges quick, nice display, fast, no bloatware, nice to handle and nice to look at.

  7. Zedax

    It's abit hard to motivate going for this one when the Nokia 8 has dropped in price to $50 below this one for the 64gb version and is equally priced in its 128gb one.
    This ofc is the regular Nokia 8 and not that Sirocco version which is still rather expensive. But yeah flagship performance for a cheaper price.

  8. Heart Beat

    This phone is terrible, I'm so sad I bought this trash phone. It has good specs but the optimization is so unnatural and limiting. Do yourself a huge huge favor and buy the huawei p20 lite. I'm literally crying at how fucking terrible this phones navigation and customization is. TRASH!!!!

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