Nokia 7 Plus Review – Flagship Challenger!

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The Nokia 8 Sirocco is officially the flagship device from Nokia (at least until the X6) but in many ways, it’s the 7 Plus that has been generating more buzz. For considerably less than a flagship device, the 7 Plus brings a lot of high-end features like an 18:9 aspect ratio, great build quality and dual camera. And in some ways, it even trumps its big brother!

But how does it hold up under scrutiny?

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40 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus Review – Flagship Challenger!”

  1. KMT-Musik

    Awesome phone, my one and only complaint is that the colour temperature of the display is far too cool and there's no option to tweak it. Everything else about it is awesome.

  2. 212driller

    Just bought a used one. Started with 93% been playing with it for 3 hours straight and at 77%. It is fast and the screen is nice and large. Perfect sized phone and great hardware. No regrets so far!

  3. amy kpt

    i own this 7plus. a very good mid range smartphone compare to budget. those who talk about this phone not used oled screen are dumb to the grave

  4. Bezlichnyy

    The reviewer has good sense of humor, he comparies the Nokia 7 plus…"the performance is similar to a flagship to a couple of generations back". LMAO. In other words the phone is obsolete but if you're on a budget then maybe it's justified otherwise. It makes you think though.

  5. Dhaval Chaudhari

    Watching this on my Nokia 7 plus. 6 months use and I'm happy I did not go for crap xiomi or other Chinese spy shit phones . Lag free software fast hardware amazing battery. Play pubg all day.. what more do you desire ??

  6. Apurva Mehta

    Hii… Android Authority Team… I have a question regarding an issue with Nokia 7 plus which I bought from Unboxed like new model I just received this phone today in the morning and it's running on 8.1 oreo. I don't know this is happening with all the nokia 7 plus owners or just with my phone but my phone's loud speaker is not working at all whenever i play any videos or mp3 files but it's working when someone calls or notifications arrived. Please check that out and let us know team…

  7. k n. k.

    Just got my nokia 7+ last week,I like it so much!!! Made the right choice? Battery last long fast chargin and camera is really great ??

  8. michael ellams

    I have had this phone for a month now totally loving it so good to have Nokia back in the mix again. I picked it up from JB HI-FI for $647 and I think that is a fair price for it as the Samsung note9 is for the 2 versions $1499 and $1799 and sorry but not paying that and the new sheep phone top of the range will be a ludicrous $2349 so phone prices are just getting so stupidly expensive. Feature wise it does all I need and calls are very clear and crisp when I compare it to my old Galaxy Note 4 which I still have a soft spot for but over all I am very happy with this phone.

  9. Ranjeeth Menon

    Happy to hold my 7 plus . It's durable and worthy . People with busy schedules don't require any ultra modern features . But for sure " trust " that's important . It's Nokia bro ?. However I can claim that there is no airports in the world gonna block carrying my Nokia with me . It's never gonna explode

  10. Chef Ugo

    How do I turn off the app sounds? When I like posts on Facebook it makes a sound and when I take pictures on Snapchat camera it also makes a sound. I have already checked on the setting sound

  11. harshavardhan rajopadhye

    Quite good review. I hardly play games esp graphic intensive. I've few doubts:
    1. Which is better 6.1+ or 7+?
    2. P, Q version upgrade available?
    3. Can I remove Google search bar from home screen? I hate it there.
    4. what is sound quality with n without headphones in a) call, b) video eg YouTube etc, c) music player?
    5. I'm not fan of selfies, video making etc so camera is fine then?
    6. How superior is SD 660 than SD 636?
    7. FM radio in phone?
    8. Heating issues?
    9. How long battery late for average usage? How long it takes to full charge?
    10. General performance of phone & the grip quality?

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