Nokia 7 Plus Review | Most Unique Nokia Smartphone Yet?

Nokia 7 Plus has a lot going for it that’s different from HMD’s other 2018 launches. It has a 18:9 display, a ceramic back and a design that stands apart from the rest of the range. Our tests showed that it’s a hell of a performer, along with some other surprises. It’s all there in our review…

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45 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus Review | Most Unique Nokia Smartphone Yet?”

  1. Rohith Gatti

    Its a unique phone with great specs..snapdragon 660 Soc,3800mah battery,stock android,the built,dual rear camera with telephoto lense and brand name nokia all for 26k!! Its a great package..just go for it.

  2. Vinu Sam

    Watching it from Nokia 7 plus, really amazing built quality as I dropped the device from running vehicle (motorcycle) My N7+ survived with simple dent and tiny scratches over the edge……. Camera and screen remained unscratched and perfect…. Still my phone doing good….JUST THIK THE SAME THING HAPPENING WITH SAMSUNG OR APPLE ?!?!? NOKIA IS A BRAND FOR BUILD QUALITY…..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Venkata Bharath

    Its nokia time…. 😎 i don't think it is expensive… And plz don't compare it with Chinese scrap.. It is built on GRADE-A chip set like sony.. Those Chinese handsets use GRADE-c chip sets so there is a chances of mall functions in them. .. Trust me guys its screen was amazing and pics shoot in them very pretty natural and sharp…

  4. Karthik Sreeram

    I bought the Handset a few Days ago from amazon And the issue is
    Nokia 7 plus 's front camera is said to be 16 MP But
    in apps which delivers the info of the Device Like "My Device" reveals
    the front camera as 4 MP
    And even i checked some more apps and got the same results.
    Wtf is this ? I'm Disappointed πŸ™

  5. LockerUp

    This is cheaper than the P20 lite and absolutely destroys it. This 350$ phone keeps up with 6-700$ phones for half the price. Every phone has cons but this for value is very good.

  6. Lost in Goa

    is it worth buying cause I want a grt8 camera as well as storage got to know that the camera is average so should I buy it or wait for other one under 30k?

  7. Venktech.

    The person reviewed the phone very well, great but missed the AUDIO output feature and how it performs inside and outside environment. How much is audio decibel output when playing a music from YouTube or via music player? And lastly the speakers are Mono or Stereo?

  8. Hemal Mehta

    Nokia is the best, it's build quality is amazing and stock android means no bloatware and no unnecessary softwares and you get all the updates first.

  9. Ritesh Gupta

    Not overpriced and there may Cashback offers as well ceramic metal body 660 bothy ozo dual cams 18;9 big battery only idiots will say that there is some laging features

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