Nokia 7 Plus Review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Nokia 7 Plus’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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37 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus Review”

  1. Flix

    To everyone using this phone: try the Google pixel 3 camera APK, or GCAM on this phone, it is way better than the stock camera app, and will make this midrange phone take better photos than last gen flagships.

  2. MultiIdiocracy

    I've been using a Nokia 7 Plus for several weeks. And it's a lot more amazing than what I was expecting for a phone in the 'budget' price range. Thanks Nokia and HMD!!
    Also, I don't understand people's obsession for 'flagship' phones. They cost lots of money for small improvements. And then a new flagship model is release with 'improvements' after a few months…and the neverending cycle continues. I hope Android OS can learn a lesson from Apple iOS and provide long term updates.

  3. John kaluba

    Hi Nokia? Make sure the performance is fast enough when it comes to gaming. Give your rivals a stiff competition this year 2019. 5 G smartphones please!

  4. Chao Wan

    I want to buy , mostly because the memory. Nokia gave me good mobile phone memory,memory of old days :=) It proves our youth time a lot

  5. K Pope

    Wifi is rubbish. Constant churn. You have to turn power off and then on again to connect to wifi in the house! Fast battery charge is a bonus but I'm disappointed. I need this phone for Youtube on the move not sending texts.

  6. oh yeah yeah

    its shit ive been getting really bad problems with it and today my screen started flickering now its black and wont turn on using a old phone rn dont waste your money on this phone

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