49 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus – Unboxing! (4K)”

  1. Noluvo Mafunda

    The display is a bit dim….I'm not a fan of the camera i was hoping for a camera like the Nokia Lumias but the battery life and performance and definetlt amazing. It's a very nice phone but I feel like the screen is a bit too big though….How is the inhand feel?

  2. jmsmilfajt

    Based on a videos and some info it seems like that there are more versions with some local market mods. This seems like the Chinese one based on the included apps and features. There is not only that.
    The European version should have only 4GB RAM but an official Android One, this is just an AOSP with some third-party stuff. There were also some reports that the Android One version should have a gyro stabilization, optionally downloadable Google Camera app and other "Pixel" tweaks.

  3. kamel alg

    Can you change the radio stations using just the headphone button like old nokia phones? It's super anything having to turn on the screen every time to change the station

  4. Rokas Anonimas

    I think you rushed it by taking a Chinese version since the Western version would be really stock and probably with faster updates (so in a speed test 6 GB of RAM will give it an advantage but software will probably won't be optimized as well) but in any case Nokia 7 Plus should be a killer device this year (RIP Galaxy A8 2018), sadly my old phone died before I could wait for checking out this phone.

  5. Mudumbai PKR

    Dude.. You make some really good videos. But sometimes you act like a kid. Kindly do some research before you make a video. The phone you bought is a Chinese variant and it has different software and services compared to other markets. Nokia have not done away with stock launcher. In fact all the Nokia phones launched in 2018 come under Android One program which is even better than the old Nokia 5,6 & 8. Take it easy Bro.

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