Nokia 7 Plus Unboxing & Tour

Unboxing of the Nokia 7 Plus, a mid-range mobile available for £350 in the UK. The Nokia 7 Plus is a rival to the Moto G6 Plus, Honor 10 and other smartphones packing decent specs for a respectable asking price. A dual lens camera with 4K video chops, Snapdragon 660 chipset and long battery life are just some of the best bits.

Check back soon for a full camera review and our in-depth thoughts on Nokia’s 7 Plus smartphone.

24 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus Unboxing & Tour”

  1. Rickson Denden

    Are the headphones/earphones that come with it worth keeping? Or should I go ahead and just buy Skullcandy set of earphones?
    Would of loved it if they swapped the 4K video recording for 60fps video, even my soon-to-be-replaces iPhone SE has Timelapse and Slow-mo camera features.

  2. syafie zainal

    Hi I'm your subsriber. Can you give me this phone. I just using oppo joy (R1011) a potato phone. I don't have enough money to buy one because I still study and just 16 years old. Tq

  3. betty lapeia

    What should I get asus zenfone 5 or nokia 7 plus? I'm looking for a great front and back camera, great built, stereo speaker or any speaker that is loud than average and the one that I can use for a long period of time

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