Nokia 7 Plus – WATER TEST

Nokia 7 Plus water test to check its water resistance capability.

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37 Replies to “Nokia 7 Plus – WATER TEST”

  1. jon staveley

    Mine fell in the dogs water bowl this morning I turned it off and put it on my window seal went to bed just woke up turned it on fingers crossed it's ok.

  2. Frederique

    Well, mine wasnt so water resistant overall. I dropped tea on it so now its being send to a repair shop and im here watching this on my old samsung.

  3. Amelia Jay

    I dropped my Nokia 7 plus in the sink for literally two seconds and now everything but the media sound is working. The alarm is still working but YouTube and Spotify sound isn’t playing.

  4. Namrata Kachadiya

    Guys its actually a water proof my phone felt in bucket of water bt nothing happened only mic was nt working bcz water went inside it bt after few hrs the water dried so its working perfectly..proud to be a nokia i m just unhappy that after the pie update alot of users including me are facing battery draining issues

  5. Game Media

    حتى لو كانت تعمل هذي العملية ستؤدي الى تدمير الهاتف علمدى القريب خصوصا تعرض الاجزاء الداخلية للصداء

  6. Sunil Kukreti

    Nokia 7 plus build quality no 1 hei on his segment no plasticky like vevo oppo,mei 4 mounth se use kar raha ho,heavy game me kabhi leg nahi hota, desplay quality aur userinterference acha hei,hath mei pakad kar hi solid mahsoose hota hei phone mujhe bahut pasand aya. Thank u nokia

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