Nokia 7+ Smartphone FAQ – All You need to Know

Nokia 7+ Android Smartphone Frequently Asked Questions I answer all the common questions you guys have about Nokia 7+ after using it for a few days how is it’s camera performance, battery life and more.

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My Nokia 7+ Unboxing & Overview video

47 Replies to “Nokia 7+ Smartphone FAQ – All You need to Know”

  1. Varun Charan

    Sir if you have this phone in today date them please give it to me sir i am one of your subscriber so please give it to me i will be happiest person ☺️

  2. Ajay singh pal

    Sir you are very good in terms of knowledge of mobile and you explain in very detail can you tell me Nokia 7 plus has a notch if it has where we can hide the notch in setting I didn't find it

  3. Sudarshan Chakra

    Probably the only thing lacking in this otherwise perfect phone is an LED indicator for notifications. It is an important function to let you know about a missed event.

  4. Saketh Sharath Babu Reddy

    Hey!, i bought a Samsung j7 pro last year. i dropped it from bellow Knee Height and broke its display. got it replaced and within a month i broke it again from a simple fall from waist level with the protective cover, and flip cover too!! the fall wasn't that loud strong either the glass didnt shatter but the display went pinkish from one corner. and had to be thrown away, i just had a bad experience, but now i am with a rigid NOKIA 105 Feature Phone, i just want a perfect upgrade or at-least make a calculative choice, i felt Nokia 7+ is a budget, rigid phone. kindly tell me your opinion with these things in mind. or suggest me a phone in this preferences. Regards

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