Nokia 8.1 Review – Better than Nokia 8?

Nokia 8.1 is the latest midrange flagship device from Nokia. It is kind of an upgrade over the Nokia 8. It offers quite a good specifications with a really good software experience as well as brilliant hardware and camera.
Nokia 8.1 is available in three colors and is made from glass and metallic frame which not only makes it durable but also make it feel premium!

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11 Replies to “Nokia 8.1 Review – Better than Nokia 8?”

  1. Beep Beep Hi! Show

    Tech channel. This video is CLEAN (for lack of better words). The editing is nice and your review is thorough. Its amazing! The Nokia 8.1 looks great with its metallic frame. This feels like a premium phone.
    So what would the Nokia 8.1 score from 1-10? How did it feel to you?

  2. Uchiha Madara

    Hahahaha ??? such a funny question!!. The Nokia 8 is only 180 dollars with a 2K DISPLAY and a Snapdragon 835 processor. The Nokia 8 remains a solid flagship for its price and a better bank for your buck. You just can't compare a flagship to a SILLY MID RANGE Snapdragon 710. The Nokia 8.1 is surprisingly sluggish. It has a poor gaming capability.???. Only Good thing is the HDR 10 DISPLAY

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