Nokia 8.1 vs Nokia 8: Display & Audio quality comparison

Nokia 8.1 vs Nokia 8: Display & Audio quality comparison
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25 Replies to “Nokia 8.1 vs Nokia 8: Display & Audio quality comparison”

  1. anoop a

    I am using Nokia 8 for more than a year. It's a beast in performance. Display quality is still awesome. Not like amoled displays which get dull within a year. Audio quality is above average. It has survived multiple falls. Still getting more than a day backup. And it got android pie. I am not going for another phone till a better camera technology is introduced.

  2. Swapnil Majumdar

    Nokia 8 is WAYYY better. Especially because it has a polarised display of 2k resolution, while 8.1 has lesser resolution : 1080p . And the screen is actually a lot more brighter. It's one of the brightest screens in the industry.

  3. Gumi Gumi

    Well although it's kinda unfair to compare these 2 different level of phones (high-end vs mid-range), but actually 8 series are got lowered to the mid-range level because of Nokia rebranded their new numbering series for announcing the new 9 series as a new high-end smartphone. So Nokia 8 series gonna be a mid-range level. Also this Nokia 8.1 actually renew version of Nokia 7 plus so if you want to know the upgrade of former Nokia 8, maybe Nokia 9 it's the answer (don't know when it appear).

  4. AK HB

    Nokia 8 is the Best ❤️❤️ iam using it more than 11 months ?? fuckingg beastt ?? after buying it I forgotten all other mobile companies .. I suggest you people ignore its design and rear camera .. the performance wise its the beast ??

  5. Tanvir Ahmed

    Do you think warmer display of Nokia 8.1 will create problem during photo editing ? Because it shows the color more vibrant than the picture actually is.

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