Nokia 8 Android Pie Beta: Major Features & Changes, Impressions & more

Nokia 8 Android Pie Beta: Major Features & Changes, Impressions & more
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45 Replies to “Nokia 8 Android Pie Beta: Major Features & Changes, Impressions & more”

  1. Jayeng Rizky

    can i know when the global release for nokia 8 pie ? or there is something step to bypass update pie outside netherland and philipines ? i use vpn and method clear data google app, service, locationservices and doesn't work ??

    sorry for my bad english

  2. NHeoShadow

    It would have been better if they added an option to use the software navigation bar instead of the hardware buttons, or both!
    I currently own a Nokia 6, and the only chance left for us to get Pie features is to wait for someone to port/compile a AOSP/LOS based ROM based on Android Pie

    Well, it would take some time, considering that our device hasn't Treble support, but still; at least HMD introduced some awaited Pie features, such as the rotate key, and etc..

  3. Haris Ansari

    Mera jo manna hai ki phone me jo out of box jo software milta hai wahi use karna chahiye software updates nahi karna chahiye chahe update ai hoya na kyon ki phone ki performance me kami mehsos hone lagti hai

  4. Sam Cairns

    I absolutely hate my Nokia 8 sirocco (which as I write this still has no pie update) I bought this phone with the promise I was buying a premium smartphone with a superb camera ? Absolute rubbish ! Worst camera ever .i wish I’d never sold my iPhone X ( I was forced to sell to make ends meets ) anyhow it’s gone now and I suppose I should be thankful I have a phone wether o not it’s poor .

  5. David

    9.0 Pie is complete shit. Only an idiot would update from the already shit stock Oreo to the worse Pie version and loose access to Substratum to fix Google's crap designs.

    Then again, HMD is being run by an idiot CPO so… There's that. Definitely these aren't real Nokias nor worthy of the Nokia brand in them.

  6. BSSVK

    Nokia should work harder. Promised update to Android Pie in November, we have mid-December and update is nowhere. Nokia Camera has errors, but no update in Android 9 Pie. Customer support and feedback are on frost. A few things really disappointed me. For example Messenger notifications do not work at all.

  7. Arun Singh

    Wanted to know the features Nokia 8 got in camera sections the improvements and all stuff and moreover do tell the dual volte support whether its there or not ?

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