Nokia 8 Android Pie (beta) Update Review – 10 new features!

So the beta labs of Nokia are offering the android beta build for Nokia 8 and I tested out the beta version to its limits discovering the new features. It is not a mature version of android pie and beta version has a lot of bugs as well..

Nokia 8 Android Pie (beta) Update Review – 10 new features!

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25 Replies to “Nokia 8 Android Pie (beta) Update Review – 10 new features!”

  1. jazib hasan

    I m facing issues with update installation. Currently i m on android pie on nokia 8 and i have security update available . It sucks during installation. It says update couldnt install . I face other issue of screen blinking sometimes ,specially when i use multi window and type smthing during multi window. Any solution

  2. Duckbilled Walrus

    As far as I can tell, the only outright improvement is the animation fluidity. Everything else is just different and not necessarily better. Also don't know why Google would remove the WiFi quick menu. That was a really useful feature. I'll probably stay on Oreo for now.

  3. Aaron CCS

    Does the unlocking still feel slow? Like the sensor is asleep. Unlocking from the lockscreen is fast or unlocking immediately after locking. But if the screen has been off for a while. It's like the sensor is sleeping and u gotta tap it once to wake it up and then another time to unlock

  4. Kang Pancor

    Im not having much bug, but there's one and its annoying asf. Since im updating to Pie battery starts draining so quick even tho im not using the phone. and it heated up so easily when im only using social media apps like youtube and instagram. Is there anyone having the same problem ?

  5. Winter Stalker

    Nice video mate, I'm thinking of updating to the pie beta, are there any bugs or issues because I really want to get pie but I am afraid of their being some issues.

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