Nokia 8 Review: A true Android flagship contender?

Our Nokia 8 review reveals our full thoughts on Nokia’s first Android flagship phone, packing its debut dual-lens camera. Can the Nokia 8, crafted by HMD Global, really rival the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5?

The Nokia 8 sports a pure version of Android, as well as HMD’s Dual Sight camera tech, premium specs and a Quad HD display. Not to mention a snazzy copper finish.

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23 Replies to “Nokia 8 Review: A true Android flagship contender?”

  1. randalusa

    It is untrue that the Nokia 8 is like every other Android. Physical BACK / HOME / MENU buttons alone set it apart from most. And backlit. Just not important to YOU apparently. No mention of whether it has an LED message light. And can the battery be removed. Important features rarely touched on by reviewers for some reason.

  2. T R

    i want to do multi tasking i mean on half of the screen i will sere youtube and half of the screen i will use watsapp simultaneously can it is p[ossible,,,,,one more thing samsung s7 edge is better or nokia 8 is better ,,,,samsung s7 edge only 32 gb internal memory can u reply sir??????????????????

  3. S Ibrahim

    This Bothie thing is shit. Cant believe they are marketing it as a stand out feature!!! I had this option in my Xperia Z3 like 2 years ago.

  4. Gabriela Lozano

    Would like having it, probably I'll have one Nokia 8, but have heard that Nokia 9 is comming soon and have even better specifications as well. Gonna buy it as soon as it come to my country!

  5. Ola Hindmo

    Colours on an IPS display like Nokia 8 are closer to reference than amoled colours. Amoled trumps in contrast though so did not understand the colour comment in the video.
    It depends on if you want contrast punch or color correct display WHEN choising between ips and amoled and it differs of course on displays but there are tests made on internet on delta E on the 8and its superb regarding colour accuracy, better than the competitors

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