Nokia 8 (Review) in 2018! : Still Worth it?

Nokia 8 (Review) in 2018! : Still Worth it? | TEAM AA
Nokia 8 is now available for just 350 U$D which is insane so i thought to review it in 2018 as a midranger and it stands out well!

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33 Replies to “Nokia 8 (Review) in 2018! : Still Worth it?”

  1. rohit bisht

    Bro, you're a content creator. Either stick with your original accent or learn to speak fluently in another accent. Or at least you can edit parts of the video where it goes wrong. Nothing rude, just suggesting improvements.

  2. Cor Balters

    @Team AA – Tech Channel – Are you familiar with the Xperia XZ1 compact? That one has also gone down in price. What would you advice when you compare the Sony (I like compact phones) with this Nokia and for what reasons?

  3. Suleiman Ayub

    lol this review suck . if you dont care about bezels , Nokia8 is a great phone if you want everything up to date, fast and secure in a quit good price . I believe its one of the best Android phone of 2017

  4. Mic Glou

    Have my 8 now for a year… solid, SOLID phone. It hasn't a bezelless design or a glass back, but I consider that a plus… phone is sturdy, great screen, great battery life, good overall specs. Also Nokia keeping it's promise with updates… couldn't be happier. If I have to point out something negative it would be that the speaker could be better and/or could've been stereo forward blasting speakers.

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