13 Replies to “Nokia 8 Setup and Frist Impressions | ENGLISH 4K”

  1. Angus Scott

    Hi, I'm from England. I bought the Nokia 8 early September 2018. I have had to reduce my active Apps down to 3 with only two notifications (Phone and Texts) yet the Battery is down from full charged to less than 15% within 20 Hours. I make and receive few Calls and even fewer Texts. Everything else about the
    Phone is great but because of the Battery, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


    Can u tell me how is Nokia 6 2018 in using term of camera and performance and also wanna know about Huawei nova2s same in camera and performance which is good what u suggest kinldy tell me bcoz I make a lot photos so which is good …

  3. Ajay Nair

    People they may release lot of good videos to promote the product, but, I am using the Nokia 8 since 1 month now and it has a worst camera (Lumia had an excellent camera), charging port is mini usb and not micro that means you need to have dedicated charger and power bank cable..Apps like screen mirroring which is available is basic products is not available in Nokia 8…Think twice before investing such a big amount…Better options are available in the same price range…

  4. T R

    i want to do multi tasking i mean on half of the screen i will use youtube and half of the screen i will use watsapp simultaneously ..so can it is p[ossible,,,,,one more thing samsung s7 edge is better or nokia 8 is better ,,,,samsung s7 edge only 32 gb internal memory can u reply sir??????????????????

  5. Stevethesearcher

    That manufacturing defect and the software glitch with the camera doesn't create a good impression for me. Other reviewers have mentioned buggy software on the Nokia 8. I am a Nokia fan but this current incarnation of Nokia has not impressed me so far. The budget models are overpriced and the Nokia 8 isn't a very interesting phone. We can only hope that Nokia up their game and produce a better phone. So far they have not convinced me.

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