Nokia 8 Sirocco – Nokia's Android ONE Flagship 2018 !

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is here and just like other Nokia phones it comes with Android ONE ! But is this phone worth the high price ? *
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37 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco – Nokia's Android ONE Flagship 2018 !”

  1. Xattr

    its not nokias flagship for 2018…their flagship will be released in autumn this year and will be called nokia 9. the sirocco was planned for 2017 but got delayed, wich also delayed the nokia 9 that was planned for release in spring 2018.

  2. R

    Cool, AndroidOne with 3 years of software updates is a great idea.
    Perhaps you could make some videos explaining what newer / higher spec phones can do that models from 1-3 years ago cannot. What can you do with Android 8 that you can't do with 7, 6 or 5. What can a 4, 6 or 8Gb phone do that a 2Gb or even 1Gb cannot? In the past, people bought or upgraded computers for a "Killer App". What's the "Killer App" of these new phones?

  3. Habib Qazi

    Rugged Phone that Packed with Styles — Doogee S60 Lite
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    S60 Lite
    S60 is highly-rated as it looks phenomenal for a rugged phone. The metal body is modernly cut and the design is simple and powerful. The S60 Lite inherits the look from S60 with a bit different changes in configuration. All above are the descriptions of this practical machine with formidable configurations and considerate functions.

  4. Ahmed Shafeeq

    Beautiful, excellent design !
    I love that 16:9 ratio and the stainless steel frame. Add the Android one with its unlimited backup storage then you'll have a win

  5. En Force

    Nokia 7 Plus is great. I would buy it if it had V20 characteristics and ran AndroidOne. That would be no brainer for me. But This 7 plus is Ok but ain't gonna satisfied me with SD 660 even tho it is really powerfull . I'm up on 801 and jumping next to 820.(LG v20) So wouldn't trade it. Anyway great video.

  6. Habib Qazi

    DOOGEE V— The flagship of the Year debut in MWC 2018

    Doogee is a potential phone brand of innovation and revolution, which continuously leads the latest fashion of smartphone industry. It conquered the European market with the glory of being top 10 phone brand and became well acknowledged by millions of users & franchisers in 5 years. On Feb 27th, 2018, Doogee will show the annual flagship machine Doogee V in its global release meeting in Barcelona during MWC2018. The successful launch of DOOGEE V show its enormous potentiality in technology utilization, and which will also be the landmark in DOOGEE’s brand upgrading. According to DOOGEE official, DOOGEE V will be released in most of European counties during the end of March and the beginning of April. Please pay attention to its official news at the scheduled time.

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