Nokia 8 Sirocco Review

We run the flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco through its paces, feeling the Snapdragon 835 performance on clean Android, the dual camera, and compact design

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35 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco Review”

  1. Ed Hoosen

    Nokia 8 Sirocco
    bought in June 2018.

    Dropped out of my pocket and the screen shattered.

    I think it is a design flaw. Its corner (lower right bottom) hit the floor and the screen is now fissured with multiple cracks.

    So the bottom 2 corners, the whole left and the bottom portions are cracked.
    The plastic adhesive sheet helps to keep them in place. The screen is quite solid. It works like before except for the cracked viewing screen with the annoying mesh of fissure cracked lines.

    This is a major design flaw. Totally unacceptable for a Nokia flagship phone.

    I have used phones for decades and dropped them now and then. Never ever is broken, especially, the view screen.

    The Nokia 8 metal case is strong and stays undamaged. The hard plastic protective cover may be the culprit brcause the impact force is transmitted to the botton corners and bottom edge of the screen itself.

    The phone works perfectly if not for the cracked fissures for a view screen. The screen is still quite solid and still very workable. It will collapse one of these days though.

    I was told by the shop where I bought the Nokia 8 that I had to take it to a Nokia repair place and most probably have to pay for the repairs.

    I think there is something wrong with this approach. This is obviously a major desgn slipup.

    Cell phones are dropped and tested thousands of times for its durability as part of the design criteria. Apparently, this process was not working horoughly carried out.

    The customer should be given a new Nokia replacement phone with an apology and without any delays.

    And this is only after 6 months, with an apology for any inconvenience caused to the customers.

    Hope some senior Nokia Executives of Client relations will respond and help me to get my replacement Nokia 8 Sirocco.

    It was supposedly the Nokia flagship and it costs me a lot of money because of my trust in Nokia's fine reputation in design and pointing work.

    Hope to hear from Nokia Executives for my replacement Nokia phone.

    retired senior

  2. Natan Facchin

    Nokia has to update this phone's chip, put a 4000mAh battery, better camera and a headphone jack. Then it's a buy for me. Until then, thanks but no thanks. It is a beautiful phone, but so are many others :/

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