Nokia 8 Sirocco: Solid Steel And A Beautiful Finnish

The Nokia 8 Sirocco might just be the surprise winner of MWC 2018 – at least as far as the buzz goes. With a stainless steel-and-glass build, Zeiss optics, Android One software and a beautiful curved display, this deluxe edition of the earlier Nokia 8 certainly lives up to the “Sirocco” suffix used on the Nokia 8800 some eleven years ago. Will a slightly older processor and a debatably high price tag sink its prospects? Tune in for the answer (and a short history lesson on Nokia vs HMD Global) in MrMobile’s Nokia 8 Sirocco Hands-On from MWC 2018!


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MrMobile’s Nokia 8 Sirocco Hands-On was produced following a day with a Nokia 8 Sirocco review device at a Nokia press event at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. Preproduction device running prerelease software.


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49 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco: Solid Steel And A Beautiful Finnish”

  1. KanishQ Quotes

    No headphone jack made me skip this
    It comes with 128gb memory so lack of SD card is ok
    But lack of headphone jack is disappointing
    Phone is gorgeous nonetheless and attracts

  2. 3amoor 3amoori

    Nokia 8 sirocco has the front bezels of note 8 and screen has 81.2% screen to body ratio so I don't know how so many people and reviewers consider it as old design. I know that it has 16:9 ratio but nokia did well with screen to body ratio like what Huawei had did with mate 10 before which was better-looked than his brother mate 10 pro . People must be happy with this ratio because most off apps and videos are supported and the screen provides the same experience of thin bezels like note 8 without resorting to notch . The phone is really amazing and its performance is very snappy like all flagships of 2018 despite of having snapdragon 835 but nokia did a great combination to give you the best performance believe me and nokia did that because Android one program didn't support 845 chipset. People should know that numbers aren't every thing . I remember Xperia xz sony's flagship of 2016 had 3 gb ram but it was too fast and we also see pixel phones don't have the best hardware numbers and has single camera but they are the best in field of performance and photography.

  3. Crispin

    Nokia should have gone with MeeGo and the N9 instead of canning it while they were under the control of a mole from Microsoft who was then in charge as CEO, Stephen Elop, who re-directed Nokia away from their own platform to Windows Phone, and we all know how that turned out… The share price crashed and Microsoft picked them up for cheap, how convenient.

    OVI Maps, 3rd party Apps, a beautiful design and buttonless swipe based interface all in place on the N9, truly it could have been the great alternative platform to iOS, instead it was hamstrung thrown away for Windows Lumia…

    And if they'd have gone with Android, they would have stolen Samsung's lunch

    If not for Stephen Elop and Microsoft we might have been looking at a very different mobile world.

  4. Franci2a

    Doesn't have headphone jack, it has glass back, no changeable battery cover, no removable battery. fix these things and then it is perfect!

  5. Gavin Ayling

    I would never have left Nokia if they had gone Android back in the day… My HTC Desire was my first affair, and I have wished I could have avoided it ever since…

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