Nokia 8 Sirocco Tamil Long Term Review

ஒன்றரை வருடத்திற்குப்பிறகு #Nokia8Sirocco எப்படி இருக்கு? இந்த பதிவில்

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38 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco Tamil Long Term Review”

  1. LakshmiNarasimhan pb

    Bros, idha ippo paaka kooda romba sandhoshama iruku…as a die hard Nokia fan….

    Will you suggest to buy this phone for compactness and camera now if it comes in some offer in the upcoming Amazon sale ? Somewhere close to 28-30k? Or what do you think is a great deal for this phone. Please respond. Thanks for the lovely video

  2. Naveen

    bro nokia lumia 950 xl vs iphone 11 pro max camera comparision pathen nokia vera level sambavam pannirthanga adha pathi konjam solunga

  3. Ragu Aru

    Hi guys, Before watching your videos, it was very hard for me to understand about mobiles. Though i searched Gadget guru, mobile arena, mobile 91 and many web pages for many years, i was not enough, to understand about android and features of mobiles. You are comparing the perfect featured mobiles on video. congrats you.

  4. yadukrishna cr

    Bros… You've given some wrong information in the video. If it's DRM L1 means it supports up to 1080p in Netflix and Amazon. L3 means up to 540p.
    In the video it's visible that sirocco supports L1.

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