Nokia 8 Sirocco – The Overpriced Smartphone You Shouldn't Buy!

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37 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco – The Overpriced Smartphone You Shouldn't Buy!”

  1. Rajeev Rao

    I am using this phone from 6months now. Ur a saddist. You are copying technical guruji. First of all we need to stop watching Ur channels.the phone built quality is a for people who want something premium. how can u says people use Jio SIM cards. I don't use Jio. Because mine is postpaid and I am not a chindi like you . So loser.

  2. D.D

    Bhai aap kon hote ho kona phone logo ko lena chahiye ya nahi. Me nokia me hi job karta hu Sirocco mobile ki quality dekh note 8 se jyada best mattiral and best quality he. Kya chutiyapa he. Company par aa me dikhta hu noika assembly kese hoti he.

  3. sign Kabdwal

    The thing is that its not a regular flagship,instead this phone is about feel look and build quality the sirocco logo speak it all and now Nokia 8 sirocco is available fat 35k?

  4. avi kiler

    Bhai achi baat hai but looks vaise essye acha ek options bata do yar or nokia ek alag brand hai or ye mi or vivo oppo se ya kese or se kabhi competition nahi kareyga or aapko yaad hoga jab nokia top pe tha tab bhi ek premium charge karta tha to ab kya problem hai ab to 35 around ho gayi hai eske price

  5. Rajeev Rao

    Why do u feel that, your copying technical guruji. Nokia 8 sirocco i am using and i have already purchased because it's my money and i want to buy lol..

  6. Yashpreet Sidhu

    Mene to le lia aur sun tere sari chijo k lie camera 5 mp lekin better than you Samsung's s8 8 mp in terms of quality,, another you said battery slightly bigger lekin sun it runs 50% more on single charge and last but not least compare it its much faster than your Samsung and nokia in its price point even faster among its competitors and listen 16:9 looks much premium and better looking than those full screen as well as easy to you that you come to know after a period of time,, sidhi c baat h nokia ko bura bolo hits lo that's it..

  7. Shiva Mandadapu

    The video is completely wrong and against Nokia I mean wtf it has the perfect form factor I've seen in a phone, snapdragon 835 is more than f**king enough for any type of user and 6 GB ram and 128 GB storage is plenty it has a 2k display and waterproofing and the camera is very nice too also has wireless charging too

    Now that 1+6 has launched already and costs 40 k for 128 GB variant it doesn't have a nice form factor, neither waterproofing or wireless chagring and a glass body ,,sirocco has everything a premium phone has to offer

    I mean you are a loser who wants to make some video on overpricing if you want to make some really overpriced smartphone video make it on Iphone x it costs 100k more than overpriced

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