Nokia 8 Sirocco Unboxing and Best and Worst Features

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is a great phone but it’s not perfect. Here’s a video unboxing and a list of the top and the worst features. Enjoy!

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31 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco Unboxing and Best and Worst Features”

  1. RoseQ

    The camera is shit. the old Nokia 8 had 13mp front and back camera, where as the Nokia 8 sirocco has a mere 5mp front camera and a 12mp back camera. If you like taking photos a lot i wouldn't recommend this phone. The Nokia 8 is much better and cheaper with the same snapdragon, the only thing i don't like about the Nokia 8 is that its on android nougat and not Oreo which i much prefer.

  2. s3 savage

    Nokia 8 sirroco rocks ? i have it for few months now battery, camera, performance is top-notch. The best is user experience which is almost perfect. Can't get a better phone specially @ this price & the 2-in-1 camera feature just rocks. Go Nokia Go ?

  3. Nikola Dechev

    Well… good, good… but… what is the point of having a super beautiful phone and hide it under a cover? I mean – the beauty is to be shown, right? I mean, we hide the beauty to preserve it and show it for longer, but we actually hide for all the time… I want so much to see a real RUGGED phone from Nokia!!!

  4. Torre Florim

    I'd buy this phone if it had a headphone jack, and the sloped screens didn't extend so far off the curve. Love Nokia, but hate that they've resorted to following dumb smartphone trends.

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