Nokia 8 Sirocco – Unboxing and Review

The Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia’s current flagship phone, that comes with Android One.

A unique and edgy design that has split opinions. While the Nokia 8 is great to look at, its got some elements that are more focused on look that function. Some essentials that are missed.

Like Nokia used to at the peak of their greatness, it feels like the Sirocco is HMD Global’s way of experimenting with design while still delivering a brilliant phone.

Sure its an upgrade from the Nokia 8, but its also different in almost every way.

You can read my full in-depth review on Absolute Geeks:

Intro Track: Starboy by The Weeknd (ft. DaftPunk)
Outro Track: Find Me Again by The Dirty Code & Skyknock ft. Bettina

Edited by: Hiba Khan


HMD Global provided this phone for review

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5 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco – Unboxing and Review”

  1. Blue milk. Ive plenty!

    I've got both the sirocco and the 7 plus. Work and personal. I initially used the sirocco a great deal at first but to be honest once you get over style you soon realise it's actually behind the times in some respects. Snapdragon 835 for a start. 16.9 aspect ratio on the screen. The design means while it looks good, it's very Sharpe on the edges and not very comfortable to hold for any length of time. The side buttons are not great and the fingerprint scanner at the back is shallow. However the last few comments are helped with the included clear case. What it all means that while it looks good, and it's great it runs on Android one…….. The hardware isn't really that future proof. This phone is everything the Nokia 8 should have been. You just get so much more bang for you buck with the 7 plus.

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