Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Original Nokia 8: What's changed?

We compare the new Nokia 8 Sirocco model with the original Nokia 8, side-by-side at MWC 2018.

As well as a super-slim new design, the Sirocco edition boasts some updated specs. You get a new OLED display, plus more RAM, for instance. And while you still get a Dual Sight camera slapped on the back, the hardware has changed up.

Check back soon for our full Nokia 8 Sirocco review and take a look at our other Nokia smartphone hands-on vids here at MWC 2018.

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43 Replies to “Nokia 8 Sirocco vs Original Nokia 8: What's changed?”

  1. LogicPTK

    Having watched plenty of videos on the different phones out now, I just bought the Nokia 8 and although a little unrefined.. I'm very happy with it!
    Great comparison video between the two editions ?

  2. Jenn Marshall

    This will prob sound really dumb but I have an Apple iPhone 7+ and so over iPhone, I went and bought a Nokia 8 just to see what they’re like. I haven’t received it yet but I’m sure I will be happy. iPhone is the top dog and so user friendly but everything is apple and you gotta pay for it and I am so over funding apple ?

  3. Barry Keetch

    I purchased the Nokia 8 in the end as the Nokia 8 socco just didn't do it for me. It was that little bit smaller than the 8. And of course the price hike between the two made the decision even easier. Plus the fact you can add 256gb micro card to the
    8 was the final deal breaker for me. So it's the Nokia 8 all the way for me. Great phone to no bloat wear to found.

  4. Rustom Havewalla

    Very poor presentation. You keep on shaking the phone. Firstly, you should have kept Sirocco on the Right. You should have kept the phones on the table and then compared. Not at all impressed by your video.

  5. Joshua Channell

    I already have a Nokia 8 so I'll just wait until they make another phone with a similar design, but with better hardware. The soroco just feels like a step forward and backwards and some of the missing features or downgrades I use often on the original Nokia 8.

  6. David

    No microSD as well? This phone just gets shittier by the minute. It now lacks:

    – Modern processor
    – 3.5 headphone jack
    – OIS
    – microSD

    And they expect people to give 750€ for this? They must be deranged.

  7. SirStamford27

    Both great phones. I think the normal Nokia 8 is far better value though. Only £299 in the UK same processor Qualcomm 835. You can add storage, and it still has a 3.5 headphone jack. ( Never understand getting rid of this)

  8. Zaki M

    Nokia 8 offers enough for its price. Sirocco is too expensive. Good phone but Id rather get an S9+ instead of the sirocco at that price.

    Nokia 8. Easy.

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