Nokia 8 Sirocco with Android One TV Commercial – Ordinary life deserves an extraordinary phone

– In the cold North we’ve been taught to craft things you can depend on – in real life. And in real life, when things aren’t like in the movies, the most important thing about your smartphone is that you can depend on it. Introducing the new #Nokia8Sirocco now with Android One. Craftsmanship for real life.

Voice: Peter Franzén

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  1. User Name

    I like the real life comparison… For some reason… It is bound to hook people to watch more… The general public… I think can relate to… Friends not being model… So, a person will want watch the ad further… Embarassing songs… Now, they'll be watching the entire ad… Boom… It ends… So, basically, it can reach to a large number of people that way… Nice

  2. Mahmood Shuvo

    জাইলার পোলা আরিফ আর হোসাইন কে এই বরফের পানিতে চুবিয়ে হারাম তেল চর্বি কমাবো ওর খাঙ্কির পোলার

  3. Prof. Tor Coolguy

    Just a response to the driving problem, if there's anyone left:

    Four months have passed since this phone has been out. In that time, just about twenty people have signed a petition to pull this ad. Let's do the math, shall we? At this rate, about twenty months will have passed since this phone's release, enough time for a new ad campaign that doesn't include unsafe driving, or a new phone in general. If Nokia has learned from their mistake, I don't feel they're ready to admit it with the lack of pressure. As much as I like safe driving, a wise man once said "everything has its time," and on top of that, this ad says "life is life." That probably doesn't justify handfuls of lives being lost to a box that does something, but as life is life, so Nokia is Nokia, and this ad will have already passed. If there really were any people being inspired by this particular ad to text while driving despite all the opposition in the world, that's going to change.

  4. Judensau

    I'm buying this phone for one reason only .. no pre installed third party apps that can only be disabled and not uninstalled which all the Asian brands insist on doing …like Samsung, LG , Huewei, Sony , etc …thanks Nokia , goodbye Samsung

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