Nokia 9 PureView Camera Review 2020 | Don't Buy This Unique Gem

This is my full camera review of the Nokia 9 PureView, a phone that has an amazingly flawed camera. The Nokia 9 PureView is a collaboration between HMD Global and Light co and uses a penta-lens camera set up with 5 identical 12 megapixel cameras, 3 can only capture monochrome images and 2 can capture colour.

The Nokia 9 uses this technology to capture ultra-detailed RAW images captured with all 5 cameras, up to 12 stops of dynamic range and up to 1200 planes of focus for bokeh images.

Here is a breakdown of the video:

0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – Camera Hardware
1:25 – Camera Software
3:02 – Captured Images
4:24 – Edited RAW Images
5:45 – Final Thoughts
7:29 – Camera Score

So what do you guys think about the Nokia 9 PureView? Have you used it or owned it and what do you like the most or hate the most about it? Let me know!

48 Replies to “Nokia 9 PureView Camera Review 2020 | Don't Buy This Unique Gem”

  1. Andrew Clark

    I got it for a low price, and after watching this video I'm happy with my purchase. Contrary to the title, it was one of the most positive reviews of the phone I've seen.

  2. Stinger430

    Very fair criticisms Abdullah, but I've been using my Nokia 9 PV for over a year now and the speed (or lack of) when the phone takes a picture doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because I KNOW I'll be getting a great shot. What I have less patience with is how long it takes to stitch those 5 images together. I was hoping Nokia/HMD was going to improve on this technology as the pictures I capture are truly amazing, but it seems they are going to abandon this route. I would certainly have bought an updated version. No hesitation. The Nokia 9 Pureview makes me wait, but it's worth it.

  3. Mgames

    Very nice and thought-out review! I actually relate to a lot of the points you made in this video.

    I bought my Nokia 9 when it just launched in Scandinavia, and I was very satisfied with it to begin with. The image quality at the time was on a whole new level, and it's still in the top tier to be honest! I only had some hiccups and freezing when using the cameras below 20% charge, and the battery life wasn't great, but it was nothing a tiny powerbank couldn't fix.

    At this point, a few years later, I still use it as a daily driver, but my opinions has changed a lot… As the battery has been worn, the camera freezes frequently at any charge below 60%, and because of the worn battery, it can drop from 100% to 70% within minutes after processing images and backing them up to Google Drive. This basically forces me to carry a powerbank at all times when trying to reliably take pictures.

    Not long ago, Nokia also announced they'd delay the Android 11 update to Q2 of 2021, and is potentially the last in line to receive this update within all of their recent Android flagships. I'd hoped Nokia would be able to redeem themselves by pushing out fixes and optimizations within 2020, but it's like they've entirely given up on the Nokia 9.

    A solution to the camera's reliability problem could be a battery change, but many devices has a flaw where an attempt to change the battery could lead to the display cable snapping. I'm not willing to spend a large sum of money to revive a phone with this little potential. It's unfortunate I feel this way, because I'm a person who tries to keep my expensive gear to live as long as possible, but the Nokia 9 simply dosen't seem worth the effort at this point.

  4. tuhin sovan koley

    True review… using the phone for more than one year.. camera was really amazing as nowadays camera sw is really unresponsive so I don't able to click much photos I used to…. after android 10 update phone is restarting all the time if I open the camera app or try to multi task.. really disappointed with hmd global..

  5. Prajjwal Pawar

    At $354 as secondary phone ??? How's the deal …is it worth I already have rog phone 2 I just want a budget android phone…is it better than budget phone as secondary use

  6. Jamesxyl

    At the announcement they said, this phone is perfect for photographers who can take stunning photos AND EDIT THEM. It means you have to edit the photos after taking the shots. But sadly, normal people just want a device does everything for you. So sad… Hope the 9.3 PureView can be even better.

  7. Tamás Budai

    Nokia telefonokat szeretem,de a Nokia 9 egy rakàs szar!Az ujjlenyomat olvasó egy szégyen Nokia 9 mobilon.👎👎👎 Kérlek Nokia ne gyàrtsàl ilyen hulladék telefont👃👃👃

  8. peter kopejtka

    Poor optimization in the stock android UI like most Nokia phones the stock UI is lagging due to Nokia not optimizing the UI you would think they would fix this problem by now but unfortunately not this brand like their phones is a epic fail it's a shame poor Nokia RIP

  9. Mohit Mavi

    Nice review brother….
    One question I read somewhere in raw image nokia 9 capture almost zero noise even in light is it true bro…can u send me auto low light raw image of Nokia 9?

  10. Brent Summers

    Perhaps part of the problem is that Samsung and Apple can pour money into R&D and HMD cannot afford to spend enough money to optimise their phones. I was nearly going to buy a Nokia 7.2 until I went to the Nokia forums & read all the comments on that phone. Overall things are not looking good for HMD…

  11. LurenZ87

    Hello, first of all a wonderful review on the photographic part, really one of the best and certainly the most recent. I would like to ask you if it is worth moving from a Pixel 3a to this Nokia 9 Pureview, also if the automatic jpeg shots are still excellent and if they are at the level of the 3a (maybe you don't always need to take important shots). Thank you 😉

  12. Ktown

    I have to disagree. Do buy it because it's a unique piece of tech that'll never be reproduced again. Light are going out of the SmartPhone market so the 9.2 or 3 will not be the same. Just bought one and this will proudly sit in my unique smartphone collection next to the 808, 1020, 950, yotaphone 2 and Xperia play.

  13. Karim Alameddine

    I've been using the Nokia 9 as my daily driver since it was released I might be experiencing the same issues. I also would have liked the phone to be fully water and dust proof! I also would have liked a memory card slot!
    One thing though OIS would be a nightmare on such a setup because all the cameras would have to be identically and the slightest alteration would render the setup useless!
    Thanks for the video 🙂

  14. David 'Dutch' Schultz

    I have had this phone since it's release and have been able to work around it's limitations to get the most from it's camera. There is a third option that can be utilized in addition to the HDR jpgs and RAW files that perfectly suits my needs. I tend to take photos of food and post them on my FB page and Google and found that the inherent HDR jpg process tends to make close ups of food look less than appetizing. Too much clarity and overall detail is not needed and can be a distraction. I experimented with third party apps and have had great success! I have found a sweet spot that has given me more flexibility to choose settings and to basically dummy up the over processing of the HDR jpgs in certain situations.
    The Open Camera App on Google Play was my answer. The info on shots taken with Open Camera say they are 8MP photos where as those taken with the Nokia program say 12MP.
    I don't exactly know which camera or how many cameras it utilizes to capture photos, it may only use one instead of all 5, but now I have a new choice in addition to HDR and RAW, it's my softened image sweet spot jpg. I hope this helps some of my Nokia Fan Boy brothers out there.
    The Nokia 9 Pureview camera system is now a flexible powerhouse of possibilities with no end in sight!

  15. Vatsal T

    Nice review bro. Have you tried GCam for this phone I wonder what will be the results with Nokia hardware and Googles camera software.

  16. Maulana Wasi Haider Rizvi

    Sony,Nokia,HTC….Iam sorry I don't trust any other company other than these…but it's sad that they don't release cheap phones at alll!! …I prefer Sony's 1gb phone over Chinese 3gb phones …..I say this causr I have seen the quality and ram management which is amazing…..
    Wish they release cheap phones too…. people still love these brands…

  17. SomeRandomGuy

    I think this camera system needed much more time for development and optimization. Feels HMD rushed with the Nokia 9, and they even cannot deliver proper software optimization with the Android One.

  18. Bob Joe

    I have the 9PV and one of my friend has it as well. I have never had my camera stutter or crash. Also, Adobe Lightroom presets. (paid ones). Although the lack of OIS is disappointing. I understand why it has no OIS.

  19. Keith Bartlett

    Mine use to freeze on the camera. The recent May update that came with a maintenance update seems to have fixed this. Have had no freezes since. Agree with your thoughts on the colour and exposure of it's photos. I always adjust the RAW images with lightroom for best results.

  20. The Humble Warrior

    Hey buddy, thanks a lot for this video. So you say not to get this phone for camera ? Is it ??
    I checked with multiple owners of this phone who told that the camera app works very smooth now after May 2020 update, though the processing time is still slow. A bit confused now

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