Nokia 9 PureView | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!

Thank you so much for watching my Nokia 9 PureView hands-on review. I hope you guys got to learn more about this device and also some of it’s draw backs.

In order of the video
1 – Whats in the Box
2 – Look & Feel
3 – Display & Screen
4 – The Size
5 – The Cameras
6 – Software
7 – Battery
8 – Sound
9 – Other Features
10 – Worst Feature


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50 Replies to “Nokia 9 PureView | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!!”

  1. Cameron Coles

    I just purchased this phone on 03/06/2020. There have been several software updates and security updates over just the last 6 months. It is so smooth. No glitches so far. Fingerprint scanner is much faster than at launch. Camera app is faster as well. Obviously is still takes time to load as it's processing raw images. This phone also feels great in hand. Solid, heavy material and very premium feel. Plus it is just beautiful!

  2. TheRussianLondoner

    It's an awesome prototype and nonsensical final product…

    All they need to change is:
    + Add expandable storage (non negotiable);
    + Add at least wide ange
    + battery must be at least 4500-5000mAh;
    + Stereo speakers;

    THEN YOU'D HAVE A WORTHY CONTENDER… as it is now – a cool gimmick with a very limited use due to small storage that is designed to ridicule the cameras capability…. very very odd

  3. Sandy BoleYT

    It has free unlimited photo storage, albeit at slightly reduced quality

    You need to press firmly and keep your finger on the finger print scanner
    Hopefully you'll have better luck then

  4. ___

    This bezel is perfect size and way better than having a distracting hole in the screen… also how do you hold a phone that has no bezels, without accidentally touching stuff?!?!

  5. A V N - HOTWHEELS970

    I realy like this Bezels. Nowadays it's more a positive. It sets It apart from all these bezelless "breaky" rounded devices wich look all the same because othe this. The Blue Bezel is beautiful and prevents all kinds of unwanted actions I had with my other phones with bezels.

  6. Ky Fisher

    please do a video on what phones shoot raw. no one talks about it on youtube, such things as the mi 9t pro, itll only shoot at 13mp while in raw even tho its a 48mp camera and some phones cant shoot in raw using 3rd party apps or not.

  7. trakrekkid

    Good review… I have this phone and love it (and yeah it's soooo pretty) but god damn the speaker is shockingly bad. It really needs headphones even just for some light youtube watching. Imo battery is fine and I don't mind the bezels, I hate the distortion of curved glass screens. Using the fingerprint reader gets easier with practice.


    There's nothing wrong with the bezels.. in fact I love them so I can be able to hold my phone better.. just focus on what the camera can do and not unnecessary gimmicks such as a "BEZELESS DISPLAY" 🙄

  9. Martynas Stropa

    Nice review, but really who cares about the pointless bezel race? There are so many (all) more important features on the phone that may conflict with the reduction of bezels.. Life the aux jack.. Most phones don't have it just because of the bezels. Is it worth it?.. Is it even relevant?..

  10. Faizel Thabang

    As an aspiring tech YouTuber I'm honestly very inspired by your videos. The quality is just good_too good in fact. Good enough to rival the best. Keep up the Great work!!

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