Note 20 EVERYONE SHIPPED | Galaxy Z Fold 2 New Photos Massive Camera Bump | New 2020 Verizon Plans

Note 20 EVERYONE SHIPPED | Galaxy Z Fold 2 New Photos Massive Camera Bump | New 2020 Verizon Plans

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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New 2020 Verizon Plans

Galaxy Z Fold New Photos Massive Camera Bump

00:00 – NEW Verizon Data Plans
01:27 – Galaxy Z Fold 2 New Photos
02:07 – Note 20 Orders All Shipped!
03:36 Question of the Day

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22 Replies to “Note 20 EVERYONE SHIPPED | Galaxy Z Fold 2 New Photos Massive Camera Bump | New 2020 Verizon Plans”

  1. Brent Karns

    First impressions Wow!. Moved all my old note 10+ to my new note 20 ultra. Used samsung app and usb c cable to move data over worked seemless… I think my buds live sounds better on the new phone vs note10… the Spen is amazingly fast!

  2. skorpyo33

    Question: are you tellin me w fedex unlike amazon we hv to stay home all day for phone to arrive for signature because fedex doesnt give out real time location when its close by?

  3. Ken Geraths

    Z flip 5G is the phone I want but can't really seeing it as I'm getting there note 20 ultra tomorrow… I do have another line that can be upgraded though so who knows

  4. Guess who???

    Note 20 Ultra or just Note 20. If you do not receive a HEADSETS IN THE BOX. Call samsung promotions department and ask them about it and you can pick to have a promo code for $29.99 US dollars. But suggest them about it.

  5. Emily Acevedo

    Greg, what color did get? It seems that all the Youtubers got the bronze color. In every review that's all you see. I ordered mine from AT&T yesterday afternoon and I got an email that it was shipped out and then got another email from UPS that it is arriving tomorrow. That is some quick service. I never experience that before. AT&T has all the colors I had to do a process of elimination. I told the girl the bronze looks too pink. I'm so not into pink lol and also a lot of people were ordering that color. I almost order the black but I heard it was a finger print magnet. I took the white because it has been years that I've had white. The last white phone was the iphone 5 and the Note 5 so its been a long time. I heard the new iPhone was going to have major upgrade. I've been spending so much money on the newest iPhone just for its color and that doesn't make any sense to me. So I switched over.

  6. Steve W.

    Just got Samsung and FedEx notifications for shipment of my Verizon branded Note 29 ultra in black 512gb. It's due to arrive on Thursday the 20th of August… Finally!

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