Note 20 Ultra review: big phone, small updates

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 has nearly every top-end spec you could ask for on an Android phone, including a massive 6.9-inch high refresh rate 120Hz screen. The camera system fixes what was wrong with the S20 Ultra. And Samsung Notes is …really good? It’s really good, especially with the S Pen stylus.

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24 Replies to “Note 20 Ultra review: big phone, small updates”

  1. 2kB of Fun

    When do we get a phone where the basic 26mm wide angle is not beaten by my rusty 2015 950XL or my even more ancient 2013 Lumia 1020? 11Pro: beaten by the 950XL, 30Pro, beaten, 40Pro, beaten, S20, beaten…. it goes on and on…. The choice of a 20MP non-quad-bayer was a very good one. Hope Sony can some day quit the quad-bayer mess they started.

  2. Marilin Puig

    I have had all the Notes, and this year is no different. I have the Note 20 Ultra now… if you aren't going to take advantage of the pen, any other top tier phone will do. My other phone is a Mate 20X, so you know I appreciate à large phone.

  3. Rock Cheung

    I agree on the colour balance of Samsung's flagship phones' cameras. Sometimes the saturation and the sharpening is very extreme. That hasn't been changed for years. I think it's ok that they want to make it their signature colour science but I wish they could add a "natural" colour profile.

  4. K K

    I buy my S20 Ultra on June 12 I am happy with my S20 Ultra but now I saw this beautiful Note 20 Ultra I love it should I buy this Note 20 Ultra now because I am waiting for my iPhone 12 pro max on November sale in Hong Kong

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