Note 9 After 72 Hours | Buh Bye, iPhone

I’ve been waiting for Samsung to perfect the Note phones for 9 generations now. With the Note 9 they just may have done it. Is this the end of the iPhone for me? Maybe. Here’s what I think about the Note 9 after 72 hours.

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25 Replies to “Note 9 After 72 Hours | Buh Bye, iPhone”

  1. ThePonycat

    Right on man. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the Android OS Etc. An Android is awesome it's controlling and boring. You can customize it the way you want to you can put the icons wherever you want as long as it's on the phone of course. Oh and your productivity will go through the roof with this phone the stuff you're able to do on Android phones compared to Apple phones is crazy. I get a lot of work done on my phone and it's not fancy Samsung it's LG so think of it like that if LG is this good I can only imagine how awesome the Samsung phone is.???

  2. Krattle Rattle

    Try training your voice to Bixby. It makes a world of difference. Most everyone hates Bixby including me but if you train your voice it will help. And if you’re trying to get directions or call someon or send a text then Bixby isn’t what you want to use. You have to use google assistant which is amazing!! Siri is google retarded stepchild

  3. Jerod Carpenter

    Google Pixel 3 ruins the game. Man this phone takes every bit of the cake. Keep your head phone jack, outside of that there is no touching what Google is presenting.

  4. Waylander

    While I like the S Pen I didn't buy the Note 9 because of it. I wanted a Samsung phone with the biggest display and the biggest battery. Also, I was changing phones almost every month but with this phone when I start getting bored with it I can explore some other feature I haven't used yet and I'm good to go.

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