Note 9 | Is it Still Worth Buying?

Now that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has fallen a fair bit and some new phones like the S10 lineup have entered the market, should you buy the Note 9 here in 2019? Let’s talk about that.

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21 Replies to “Note 9 | Is it Still Worth Buying?”

  1. Roald Perez

    The no notch reason, isn’t valid, it has a notch .. from edge to edge above the screen, so youve got to take concern with some bezel above and under the screen, just saying??‍♂️

  2. Boris T.

    Been a Symbian user then switched to Android, first one was an LG with Android 4. Used for about a year and a half, played with it for a bit. Switched in april 2016 to an iPhone 6S, and I was, yeah it's cool, it's smooth, I like it, but after 3 years I grew tired of it and switched back to Android and bought a Note 9 myself for about 2 weeks ago. Boy oh boy Android has come a long way, I was amazed at the range of features Android and the Note 9 have. Thinking of switching back to iOS? Nope, not at all.

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