Note9 vs iPhone X: $1000 Showdown (Android vs iOS)

Ex-Google tech lead TECHLEAD reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and compares it to Apple’s iPhone X. It is a battle of the $1000 flagship phones between Android and iOS — who wins? NO SPOILERS!

Galaxy Note 9:
iPhone X:


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24 Replies to “Note9 vs iPhone X: $1000 Showdown (Android vs iOS)”

  1. Papapau

    This is what I have been saying since Note 2. I guess it's a lot different when the TechLead says it.

    If you don't just do facebook on your phone, get a Note. You're welcome.

  2. k678kk

    Hey TechLead, does the extra RAM and Cores matter much for the Note 9 given that IOS doesn't really require as much for apps to work?

  3. Donna Autry

    I've been an iPhone gal since the iPhone 4 up to 7plus and I even have stock in apple but was convinced to try the android. I've had my note 9 over 2 weeks now. I hated the android for the first 3 days but then got used to it and was amazed at all it had to offer. It has all the iPhone has plus more. Then hubby tried to send me an important video from his iPhone 7 plus. It was so distorted it was useless. We downloaded the mobile transfer app and it said it was transferred successfully (twice) I could never find the video. Now I'm trying to see if I can switch to the iPhone X but I'm really digging the droid except for that one exception trying to get videos from iOS to droid and vice versa. Any suggestions??

  4. Patrick Sarker

    I have a pretty dumb question about iphones… do you have to have DATA on to receive text messages? My wife has an iphone 8 plus and if she's not on 4g, she cant receive texts. We're on verizon network. If that's the case, then the ad: unlimited talk and text… isn't it misleading, as texts use up data?

  5. Photon

    iPhone XS Max: 512 GB for $1300 and 64 GB for $1000

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 1 TB for $1000

    Fucking hell, Apple. Get a grip. Lmfao

  6. Claudiu

    Why does someone compare the 1-year-old phone with a new phone? Is not logical as the new phone is better after 1 year of development? The right comparison it will be with the new iPhone XS.

  7. el 01

    The main problem with phones I have is that phones are either too big and too bezelless and hard to hold or too small and/or bezeled and too difficult to read. I usually use my laptop for 90% of things. Maybe it's just me and my Xperia X (sighs)

  8. Joshua Tapp

    I have a Note 8. Have had it for a year now. Will be switching to the new iPhone this year. Was a fun experiment, but I’m to dumb to use android and Samsung’s ecosystem.

  9. Terence TL.

    I made a temporary switch from Iphone 5 to LG…couldn't survive for 2 days and reverted back. Tried Huawei a year after, couldn't survive for a week…went back to Iphone 7…

    Worked in a startup for 9 months using macbook, currently stuck to macOS, i guess once u go Apple u never go back? xD

  10. OrangePacker

    I agree that the samsung is better but if you go into settings you can turn multitasking on where you can drag out a previously used app on the three recently used apps at the bottom in safari you can also have two tabs open but the second option only works in safari

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