Official Android 10 Update: New Features!

The OFFICIAL Android 10 Update is here for Google Pixel phones! Android 10 has new gesture navigation, a DARK mode, and more! Subscribe for more:

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41 Replies to “Official Android 10 Update: New Features!”

  1. Mirza Afrid

    Whatsapp floating service not work on oppo reno 2z create a video about this . most important thing how much floating service and which application.devlop your featurea about floating feature.

  2. Linux Mint

    My new phone a few months ago was running Android 9 and after upgrading to Android 10 it got really slow 🙁 is there any solution to downgrade? My device is Samsung Galaxy A30s.

  3. ninos binno

    Android os love the functionality mostly. But cmmon google android wtf. You remove phone call recording. You remove sim band control and signal throttling. Supposedly for our security. Wtf. How about you contain useless app permissions. So if an app wants access to storage it gets access only to the folders it creates unless you specifie. This is by far the biggest android flaw. Totally stupid.. Apple still sux lol

  4. thebigbry

    Recent apps now are in actual separate cards that you have to scroll entire screen side to side to see rather than being stacked so you can see all at once. FAIL

  5. thebigbry

    Now when you drag down the shutter it moves all the quick buttons to the bottom rather than under your finger you have to move down to use them. BRILLIANT.May I add how annoying it is that Google also resets all the alert notifications, spyware.

  6. thebigbry

    Just showed up today on USA TMobile lgg7. Again Android changes nothing for the better. Maybe dark mode but when you open something that has a light colored button with writing, sick as "submit" can you see it? Other than that, look you have gestures that do exactly what the 3 buttons at the bottom do better.

  7. Paul Bors

    The puzzle behind the Easter egg is simply a big pixalated Q (numbers on row show the nr of pixels per row) but once solved you get another puzzle to solve

  8. Sad Entity

    Realme 5 when they updated to A.18 of the color OS already had dark mode, using it right now. I'm worried about the size of the update though it might eat all of my storage.

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