Official Android 8.0 Oreo Review!

Google has released the official Android 8.0 update which they have called Android Oreo! Lots of new features and changes including a picture-in-picture mode! Check out the latest Android OS version. Subscribe for more:

Currently available on the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Pixel C Tablet, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player

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48 Replies to “Official Android 8.0 Oreo Review!”

  1. Ali ILGAR

    This definitely seems like a step in the wrong direction. I liked that I would get new notifications in the top panel and if I swiped them away, the badge Icon would still show that I had an un-opened message. This was very useful because in situations where I was doing something and I couldn't check the new message right away, I would clear them because I still wanted to see if any other new notifications would come in after, the badge Icon would remind me to check later, if i forgot, when I had time to view or reply to that message.

    This feature needs to be added back asap, it should be extremely simple for them to implement and it should be an option anyways for us to link or un-link the notification panel with the app badge icon.

    Please consider giving us real badge notifications. If I have 5000
    unread emails, I want to see the number 5000 over my gmail icon.

  2. Robert Radalj

    DON'T UPDATE TO OREO!!! If you are planning to use your phone in roaming, that is. There is a bug in Oreo (core app Mobile Carrier) from day one, disabling data transfer when you are abroad with message "Mobile data has run out". It happens all the time and is completely random and worst part is, you can't turn data transfer on in ANY way! There is "restart-force stop Mobile Carrier-flight mode on/off/on/off …." workaround but it is erratic and don't work in most cases. Even worst, Google engineers after now 3 months didn't solved the issue but made it worst. after few updates I noticed to Mobile Carrier app, now it is almost impossible to force stop it. So, if you want a dumbphone (yes, calls and SMS works) feel free to upgrade to Oreo, but if you need navigation, Viber, WhatsApp, email, Uber, browser … you are toasted. I still can't believe AFTER 3 MONTHS they are not solving this HUGE bug … that is unacceptable!

  3. Miguel Olid

    Weren't we "Pixel" owners supposed to get Google lens app along with the update? Please email me if you have a release date if it's possible. Thanks in advance.

  4. Mig 28

    Nexus 6P user here. That phone looks iPhone-ish… And now Android has an iOS-ish feel. Thankfully, Android is still Android so I can change things to my liking. Still, I don't like where Google is taking things as of lately. ?

  5. erzascralet48

    Is it just me, or has anyone else with Oreo 8.0.0 noticed CONSIDERABLY worse battery life. On Android 7.1.2, I was getting about 4 hours screen on time before hitting like 15-20% a year later on the Pixel XL. Ever since upgrading, I'll be lucky to get over 3 hours before going 15% or less. ANyone else? Any tips besides waiting to see if it's an issue to be resolved in the next MR, 8.0.1?

  6. Eloy R

    Why can't I change icon shape. No setting for it at all. Also have picture in picture enabled for YouTube (with YouTube red subscription) but doesn't work. Many other options either don't exist in my settings or they just don't work.

  7. Dalton Ballenger

    So many bugs! My volume turns down by itself, I have to keep turning it up several times as I watch it go down repeatedly. Also my screen won't turn off sometimes, and when I disconnect from Bluetooth in my car the music automatically plays on my phone for a split second, then stops.

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