Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus LED Cover Case Review

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Note 10 LED Cover:

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36 Replies to “Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus LED Cover Case Review”

  1. Extreme Tech Channel 808

    cool all you have to do is get a zagg shelled cover for a old tablet cost like $5 put it on and cut the shape out ..but im looking for a solar one ..good luck guys.. OMG its only
    In Stock $16.99 Instant Savings $38.00 at B&H got one

  2. Jarfaas HUN

    Hy i have one question i buy led case me note10 mobile and download application and dont have led effect. No phone call no messenger,facebook,camera all dont lighting…

  3. James O'Donnell

    The case is rubbish as it stands (I bought one) – SUPER limited functionality and customisation. If they released the SDK to modify it, make it personal, then it'd be worth the price.

  4. Glen Senecal

    Unfortunately, phones that feature edge displays never have screen protectors built in due to the difficulty of forming it to the display. You always should buy a stand alone screen protector. If I'm wrong, could someone please point me to a Note 10 case that has one built in?

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