Official Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review

In this video we show you how to install and fit this amazing Official Samsung screen protector, whilst taking a closer look at the curved screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus from Samsung. This incredibly protective screen protector provides fantastic edge to edge coverage with crystal clear clarity.

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31 Replies to “Official Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review”

  1. zaku zak

    Nie kupujcie tego gówna!!! Może i montaż jest łatwy i fajnie to wygląda po zamontowaniu ale nie wytrzymuje nawet dnia. zaraz się odkleja i roluje!!!!!

  2. Martin

    What is even worse is the non curved glass protector. Looks horrible and only covers the part of the screen that is completely level. Bought one of those too since it's almost free. Just 15$ so worth the test but It didn't stay on for long before it went 8nto the bin too. Well it was atleast fun to try and it was a nightmare to align. I would love to see how someone can use that every day. I have used my old s7 for several years without any screen damage. My new s9 plus has an even harder and more advanced gorilla glass design.
    So again the screen can be broken when a very high impact force is applied on small dot like area and no screen protector will help. Given its not extremely bulky.

  3. Martin

    I bought this product today and it's garbage. Threw it away. OK first one was a misalignment error on my part. Second attempt was as accurate as you can be. Still looked horrible since it's much smaller then the screen. Why couldn't they atleast keep the same with as the display?
    Anyway a protective plastic screen protector is the most stupid thing you can get. Remember the glass is already extremely tough from factory. Only danger is high force impact and then the plastic sticker is useless. The only thing I can recommend is backside cover. Specially those who have a more grippy finish then just the backside alone plus a nice looking one whith a foldable pin so the phone can stay tilted. I got one in carbon fiber look with everything aligning perfect and it's protecting the corners and the screen if dropped on a plain surface.

  4. jamesa1995

    The official samsung ones are crap or at least one type of them is. The one that isnt the gel like one constantly has air bubbles on the edges that never go away sometimes down the entire edge. I would say they have to be on perfectly or they dont adhere properly due to the curve. However if you can find the gel type ones that are the same brand they're perfect but have a rubbery feel

  5. T C

    I have a Problem with my s9, when in direct sunlight you can see kind of a mesh like structure on the bottom of the screen where the pressure sensitive area is, i'm guessing it's the pressure sensor bleeding throught the display, i havent seen anything on the internet so far, can anyone with a s9 check if they have it too and let me know?

  6. Will Kellagher

    These protectors are shit. Mine cracked in less than three minutes of use. Installed on my new 9+ by sales rep. For $50 this is criminal in the first place. Then they want you to pay about $30 insurance on these so if they break then you only have to pay $10 for the replacement. Shit, that $280-$310 a month.

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