11 Replies to “OLD IPhone X IOS 12 beta 12 vs 11.4.1 speed test with temperature test and battery comparison”

  1. Engineer Gingineer

    the opening of 3rd party apps will never be fast even on the official version lol. people says that it's because the official isn't out yet. 3rd party apps will always be fast on prior versions. the general apps will be faster but when you try to load other apps and games, you will notice that it's actually slower. that's why I won't update my 8 Plus. I'm currently at ios 11.4.1. My mistake for updating from ios 11.3.

  2. Alric Samuel Godfrey

    Not bad at all for a beta. Remember none of these apps are configured for iOS 12 and yet their speed is so close to iOS 11.4.1. Once iOS 12 is released to the public and the app developers update their apps for iOS 12, it’ll be a lot faster.

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