Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Glass Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review

In today’s video, we will be taking you through the installation steps and overall functionality of the Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. If you’ve enjoyed this video and are looking for more helpful smartphone tips and accessory reviews, then don;t forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more great content!

Purchase the Olixar Glass Screen Protector for both Note 10 & 10+ below –

Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tempered Glass Screen Protector –

Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector –

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20 Replies to “Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Glass Screen Protector Installation Guide & Review”

  1. Kyle Jones

    Black border covers the screen edges so the curved edge screen is basically gone! This is a terrible design choice and the thin glass on the fingerprint sensor doesn't look great either! Dont bother buying tbh!

  2. Mike Hog A Nator

    Most of these all have that finger print cut out & looks ugly as hell & sticks out like a sore thumb.. lol. I got one & the finger print sensor Did Not Work on mine, took it off & sensor worked fine. Also it doesn't stick to the screen very well & pops off very easily

  3. Mike Hog A Nator

    I purchased a very similar glass screen protector from Amazon & it sucked! It had the hole cut out w/ a thin film which Does Not Work at all with my finger print. It wouldn't stick to the phone & finger prints smudges were extremely bad! I'm just going naked. The screen itself does a great job of not showing smudges, etc. Extremely disappointing

  4. New Yorks Finest

    That circle on the screen protector is very distracting when watching movies you tube etc. You see a big circle. There will probably be better ones coming out in the future that doesn't have that distracting circle

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