OnePlus 6 6GB RAM vs 8GB RAM – Speed Test!

OnePlus 6 6GB RAM vs 8GB RAM speed test comparison!

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42 Replies to “OnePlus 6 6GB RAM vs 8GB RAM – Speed Test!”

  1. martyfriedman666

    This still applies for the & pro but now there is also a 8gb vs 12gb ram options. Please do that test haha
    I'm kidding. i would like to see that test, but i would buy the 8gb regardless

  2. KatyCat

    Funny how some people who know nothing about phones only look at the biggest RAM capacity when buying a phone when the actual purpose of RAM is for keeping Apps in the background, not for increasing performance…

  3. yes_senpai

    Looks like the 8GB variant was the right choice since Oxygen OS just introduced Smart Boost Mode; allowing for that extra RAM to be utilized at cold app startups. Approx 20% faster launch up of cold apps.

    For those curious… it stores frequently launched or heavy cold app (an app that is not loaded into RAM yet) data into RAM even when not executed. Normally, you’d have to launch an app manually or at start up. When it comes to manually launching apps, the data is stored on flash or an SD card, handled by the processor and loaded onto RAM for active execution and standby of the app when multitasking. Allowing for much, much faster performance when actively using the app and switching back to the app.

    Normally more RAM just means you can have more running/stand by processes running at the same time. So you can switch between them quickly. Once your RAM fills up, the OS sends an pkill to the kernel to end some programs and free up RAM as you need it. Of course, 8GB of RAM means you can have less apps being killed as you launch up more and more.

    But with this new feature, it sounds like it’ll store important app startup data either at OS startup or randomly at some point after boot. Meaning some apps will launch faster. This shouldn’t effect the resume times though. But it’s sick that OnePlus is actually utilizing the extra capacity. Hopefully they allow for manual control of what can be stored in RAM for this new feature.

  4. Ernestas Kuznecovas

    Hello Timmers EM1
    If possible, can you review Huawei P20 Pro 6GB RAM vs 8GB RAM speed test comparison! Lots of us, who wants to buy this beast, will be glad to see this camparison.

  5. Ian Fordyce

    What a breath of fresh air a speed test that's to the point rather than faffing about like some of the idiots well done and thanks for the speed test

  6. SAAD Vlogs

    This is such a stupid comparison ? more ram does not mean faster performance, speed and fast app run depends on the processor and the optimization of the app itself, more ram means more apps/processes can run at the same time ?

  7. Senad Music

    The difference isnt one loading faster over the other. It's human error. You pressed one quicker therefore it loaded quicker.

    How don't you know that?

  8. Kellic AnonymousTiger

    There is no practical difference between 6GB and 8GB. If OP made a 4GB version there would be. But ultimately more RAM keeps your phone running more efficiently without needing to close down apps. Yes yes I know Google says you shouldn't need to do this but since day one on Android (I had a G1 the day it came out.) that has NOT been the case. The only other reason to get 8GB is to future proof the thing as much as possible as the newer the OS the more likely it is that it will eat a larger footprint of RAM for the OS. With Project Trebble its likely the lifespan of a supported handset will be longer as OEM's don't need to dick with Qualcomm's drivers. Google's HAL handles all of that. But ultimately CPU and the SOC's overall bus speed is what is going to give you performance, not RAM.

  9. Yeldogg

    I may be a bit late to the party but i really appreciated this test. Very helpful. There are only a few things you could have done better. Instead of using amazon in chrome, you should use the amazon app. And speaking of chrome, to really test the benchmark you have to open several tabs. Also instagram and snapchat are real performance eaters in my opinion, but only if you are really using them. So next time, could you please watch some stories, videos and try to make a story using filters?

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