OnePlus 6 Camera vs Google Pixel 2

OnePlus 6 vs Google Pixel 2 Camera Test! Which one took better pictures in this comparison? ?
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33 Replies to “OnePlus 6 Camera vs Google Pixel 2”

  1. EsteBandido4444

    in 2019, the difference in cameras can be seen as "marginal" nowadays that it doesn't seem worth to spend an extra 300 dlls just for the best camera on the market. OnePlus 6T could be the last good phone before they start gimmicking things like pop up selfie camera. Actually the 6 was the last good phone before adding an in-screen fingerprint sensor (which I believe not to mamny people asked for)

  2. Zaheer Shaikh

    Hmm with pixel 2 you can take better image. I have both phone, pixel 10 time better in performance and 100 time better in rare camera. 6t just beutify the selfi so it looks like pretty

  3. Ramon White

    I intend to acquire a device and stay with it for a couple of years analyzing the cameras in automatic mode is it worth to get the Google pixel 2XL or oneplus 6? Success!

  4. TheMrBennito

    OnePlus6 is very good, Pixel 2L is better than very good. Though sometimes its sublime detail rendering works against it (too much detail in Krystal's skin in the portrait. In general, for portraits lazersharp detail is not what we want). In some pictures there is clearly more chromatic aberration in the OnePlus6 compared to the Pixel.

  5. JessDiz

    Does the OnePlus 6 have a lot of manual control in the camera options? Is it not possible to help the over exposure by adjusting the exposure before shooting and is it not possible to turn off the beauty effect so images aren't as smoothed over?

  6. Wendy Russo

    how disapointing is that comment section … we're talking color and lighting and exposure, we're not here to insult or argue with prople's taste or opinions or fight over positions …
    let's have some fun AHHHHHHH

  7. Light

    Pixel 2 XL wins with 9.75 to 9.5 of OnePlus 6, in exposure OnePlus seemed way better but in focus and details the pixel wins, great phones still overall.

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