OnePlus 6 Camera vs iPhone X & Galaxy S9 Plus

OnePlus 6 vs Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! Which phone camera took the best pics?!
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48 Replies to “OnePlus 6 Camera vs iPhone X & Galaxy S9 Plus”

  1. Joan P

    I've watched some of your videos and I noticed that you were not a fan of samsung. You always compliment the iPhone lol!! But for my own opinion Samsung or s9+ did a great job overall it has more natural colors and gives a best quality

  2. James Mendoza

    As an apple user Im actually impressed with the S9 camera. It has a cinematic look to it. Almost as if your looking at pics from an ad on tv or something

  3. Anthony Hernandez

    The s9 is great for editing, they do minimal changes to it. The one plus is just heavily edited, you won't be able to do much. The iPhone is just not too good, it just bumps up the contrast all the way and it looks bad.

  4. Bersi Meta

    Best camera overall :iphone x
    Daylight :iphone x
    Colores : iphone x
    Low light : s9
    Oneplus6 is good enough but not that good compare to the iphone and Samsung

  5. Bruno Pereira

    Eu gostei mais do One Plus pois ele sabe trabalhar melhor com excesso ou falta de luz, porem a desvantagem foi a cor morta em alguns momentos no modo retrato que pode ser ajustado de outras formas, agora no mesclar ambientes escuros e luminosos também perdeu. As câmeras de celulares chineses costumam ter fotos mais frias.

  6. riley busse

    I'm 22 years old and I'm white but I can't be the only one who thinks she's hot in this video I've been watching your videos forever but I still think you're really hot I have for at least 2 years even though you are a little bit different of a color than I am I don't care I still think you're really hot with those really short shorts on so sexy you are rocking it girl Damb ?????

  7. midwest Tech

    I just dont see how the S9+ photos are so dark my pics dont never come out that dark at all ,dont get it just dont get it something is not right with your photo's sorry.

  8. Mr. Blessed Jackson

    You need to lay off the make-up. You already have those wrinkles around your eyes and pretty soon, you will have them around your top lip like most white older women do. And, your bottom lip has a mustache or some extra rim of skin, lol.

  9. dharkbizkit

    cant help it but i feel like the OP6 pictures are all soft in terms of "not sharp enough". its not quiet blurry but looks like it went through anti aliasing. or like its set to 90% sharpness or that the focus point is always just a bit off

  10. The Holy Devil

    I think Oneplus 6 is the best buy, I don't like iPhone but honestly they have most detail. But differences between cameras on all 3 phones are not that big, some are almost marginal.
    I will buy Oneplus because it will offer me most value for money and I can buy just the camera for taking UHQ photos.

  11. Tecknat Trippare - VHS Insamling

    Must be something wrong on my Oneplus 6 9.0.2 because all my images keep being "blurry" in the corners. If i take a normal photo on my hand in good lightning. My fingernail/tops are always abit blurred… looks to me like a software issue with image compression or aggressive image "optimization" making it all just worse. But alot of people are complaining in the oneplus forums and they do nothing about it. Instead they just keep releasing updates to 6T which i guess also have/had this problem(?) same sensor and OS.

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