OnePlus 6 Long Term Review: Better Than The 6T!

What’s up guys, It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, bear with me on the quality of video. I will improve. Thanks for stopping by..

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23 Replies to “OnePlus 6 Long Term Review: Better Than The 6T!”

  1. Gary Whittington

    Great video. Just as a heads up, the changes to the brightness slider were intentional. They adjusted the bottom end of the brightness slider so that it's less sensitive when adjusting in low light, and is more sensitive in the upper end of the slider. A common complaint was that it adjusted to blindingly bright too fast in low light. Cheers!

  2. Sam De Waegenaere

    Great video, your style and cinematography is great!
    I absolutely love the ultrawide aspect ratio you use. You can however make it even better by actually rendering as a 21:9 video, instead of a letterboxed 16:9 video. On an ultrawide monitor, as it is now, I actually get black bars all around. If you use the correct crop, it would fill the screen beautifully. Hope you appreciate the tip, keep doing your great work!

  3. harun cebi

    should ı buy smasung note 9 or op 6t? I know note 9 is more expensive but second hand used note9 is almost the same price. which one should ı buy?

  4. Pakshal Jain

    Hey…im using op6 from last 5 me months… I'm facing with battery drain issue from past 2 months….please tell to fixx it….many users are facing same problem…even they tried many steps…then to…please help


  5. GameEaters

    im going to get the oneplus 6 next monday, after this video im even more excited to get it
    also nice video quality keep it up (liked and subbed)

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