OnePlus 6: One Month Later (In-depth Review)

I have used the OnePlus 6 for over a month now and I am very pleased! Check it out in all 4 colors. This phone has a lot to offer for the price. It’s not perfect but what it does it does VERY WELL!
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  1. Paul Bialozor

    I own the OnePlus 6 since Aug 2018 and the only real issue I am experiencing is when I use my phone as a Hot Spot, it randomly shuts off WiFi and sometimes almost like Clockwork… Typically between 9 and 10 PM and 11 to Midnight are the worst times. This can happen 3 to 8 times in the evening hours between 9 PM and Midnight. Since the recent updates, early Jan 2019, that CLAIMS to have resolved this issue it seems to be getting worst as the random WiFi shut offs now happen throughout the day as well. This morning, 10 Jan 2019, the WiFi randomly shut off at least 5 times, something that has not EVER happened before…. This issue is in the forums and a fix seems to be no where in sight; you either have it or you don't… As with my luck with Women if not for BAD LUCK I'd have NO LUCK AT ALL it seems this WiFi trend continues as I seem to have it… Cheers…

  2. Vic Tanedo

    Hey Erica, I just got a Oneplus 6 and ever since I did my update IG videos would start off clear but then go blurry after 2secs into it. Have you experienced this at all or have you heard any similar complaints? Do you know any possible solutions for this at all? I've tried reaching out in the Oneplus community app but pple keep annoyingly saying it's my internet connection but I don't think that's the case. I would love your opinion on this please!

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